Continuity mistake: The second time the female detective is watching the video of the German kids, the events on the tape has changed. The first time the video is shown, the German girl takes her clothes off, then it shows them at the computer. The second time she is watching it alone, the video goes from them wrestling around to the computer scene.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Terry's boss is walking through what appears to be a train yard, he sees the little girl standing on the end of the train. Immediately after, we see him pulling a cigarette out of his mouth. The camera switches back to the train (which is now empty) before switching back to Terry's boss where we see him pull the cigarette out of his mouth a second time.

Shaun Ewing

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Natasha McElhone sees her boss dead in the morgue, the first shot of her boss shows him with his mouth wide open with his tongue & teeth showing. The next shot, his teeth are no longer showing.

Continuity mistake: Turnbull's wife's cigarette butt becomes shorter and longer during her interview, between shots.

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: When Terry has the nose bleed while looking at the papers, there is a spot of blood beneath her nose. When it cuts, it has gone.

Low Cow

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