FearDotCom (2002)

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A deranged madman calling himself the Doctor is kidnapping women and broadcasting theri torture and murder live on the internet on phantom sites. The police have no leads, as he switches site names with each victim. Meanwhile, something else unexplainable is happening, people are turning up dead at an alarming rate with few answers. A cop and health inspector team up to figure out the puzzle, but investigating only brings up more questions... Why are they dying? Who is the doctor? What is Fear Dot Com? The answers could save lives....or cost them theirs!

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The dead young girl who wears white has hemophilia (uncontrollable bleeding), and her mother states that she's scared of all sharp metal objects (scissors, etc.), yet she goes to play in an old abandoned steel mill all the time.



This film was panned by critics. Although it won the "Worst Film" at the 2003 Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards, it also won "Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver" at 2003 Fantafestival.