FearDotCom (2002)

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Corrected entry: This entire film is a mistake; it is about a female who is a hemophiliac. Women cannot be hemophiliacs.

Correction: It's very improbable, but not impossible. The defect sits on the female X chromosome, so if a hemophiliac and a woman with one defective X chromosome have a daughter, this daughter's chance is 50% to be a hemophiliac (she definitely has the defective X chromosome by her father and a 50% chance to get the defective one of her mother).


Corrected entry: If Jeannine was 'The Doctor's' first victim of torture, and the whole Feardotcom.com website is a site for Jeannine's revenge, then why is 'The Doctor' the one hosting the site?

Correction: Feardotcom.com was the website that 'The Doctor' was using when he tortured and killed Jeannine, which he then abandoned to avoid being caught. Jeannine's spirit, or whatever, then took over and began killing the people who logged on. 'The Doctor' had no idea the site stayed active after he abandon it.

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