The Island

Other mistake: McCord gives Lincoln and Jordan a credit card and tells them that he will have to report it missing within twenty four hours, and he warns them that they can be traced by using it. He then gives them a huge wedge of cash. Since we have a society that still uses cash, and he has acknowledged how dangerous the use of a "stolen" credit card is - he even tells them how using it will lead the authorities straight to them - why not just tell them to use the cash? (If there wasn't enough, they get a cash advance on the credit card up to its limit - easy). He repeatedly acknowledges the risks of using the card, and it is absurd to speculate that he didn't have time to find and use an ATM to max out the card. He doesn't have to find an ATM - Lincoln and Jordan do, and as he acknowledges they have twenty four hours to do so. Once the cash is withdrawn, the card is thrown away, and nobody is at risk.

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Suggested correction: We don't know how much cash it was, could just have been many 1$ bills and a few tens. So they probably would have needed more money at the beginning, and as they had to hurry for the train it couldn't have been possible for McCord to go for an ATM machine. They can use the card without danger until he reports it stolen (nobody knows at that time that McCord is helping them, so they wouldn't track down his credit card, until he reports the theft) So it's not even a character mistake as he thinks they'd be safe to use it in the next 24 hours. His warnings are for after the 24 hours, when it is reported stolen. And anyway, they need the credit card so that Jordan can get back into the facility.

Ronnie Bischof

Other mistake: Gandu 3 Echo has initials on his sleeve which read G3A. This would be fine if he was Gandu 3 Alpha, but he's not (although he should be - see the other entry relating to him). It should read G3E.

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Other mistake: Starkweather Two Delta, the guy that wins the lottery in the first elevator scene, tells us he was there for 6 months. Which should have put him in the "G" (Gamma) or "J" (Juno) series instead of the Delta series.

Other mistake: When Lincoln and Jordan first enter the city, just before Jordan sees a poster of herself, in the background you can see two trains high in the air, with a skyscraper behind them. If you look carefully at the shadows cast by the two trains, one of them is completely wrong. The train that goes from left to right has its shadow trailing on its left side, and the train going from right to left has its shadow trailing on its right side. Irrespective of which direction the two trains are travelling, both their shadows should be trailing from the same side, as there is only one light source, i.e. the sun.


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