The Island

Trivia: Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) sees a poster ad and commercial for Calvin Klein featuring her sponsor "Sarah Jordan". They are really things Scarlett did for CK before she made the movie.

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Sonja Marie

Trivia: Tom Lincoln, Lincoln Six Echo's sponsor, likes custom sport motorcycles and is from Scotland. These character traits were taken from Ewan McGregor himself.

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Trivia: The Renovatio is a real boat: the WallyPower 118, a 25 million dollar yacht owned by the Kondakji family.

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Trivia: In the scene where Lincoln and Jordan ask a man for an information directory, the futuristic red Lexus from Minority Report is parked next to them.

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Brad Premium member

Trivia: The train wheels on the back of the lorry came from the director driving behind such a lorry on the freeway and thought it would make a great action scene, however when shooting started they found that train wheels do not bounce, so had to make them bounce to make it more exciting.

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McCord: Hey, just because people eat the burger, doesn't mean they wanna know the cow.



Gandu Three Echo, the clone who hits the screen showing the first lottery winner in the movie, complains that he has been around for 7 years and never won the lottery. However, McCord explains later in the movie that the last name tells how old the clones are. Lincoln Six Echo is 3 years old because he is in the Echo generation, and the Delta generation (Jordan Two Delta) is 4 years old. Going backwards, this would make Charlies 5 years old, Bravos 6 years old, and Alphas 7 years old. Gandu Three Echo should have really been Gandu Three Alpha.