Enough (2002)


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Mitch: You'll never see Gracie again.
Slim: You never will.


Gracie: I like going by Grandma's, but do we have to drive for 55 hours, just to reach some phone booth? Can we call Daddy this time?
Slim: No.
Gracie: Please, please.
Slim: Stop begging, you look like a dog.

Slim: Are you scared?
Mitch: Of what?
Slim: Of me.

Gracie: What's "tainted", is that like "painted"?

Instructor: So how do you win? How?
Slim: I attack.
Instructor: And what do you do after you attack?
Slim: Nothing.
Instructor: Why nothing?
Slim: Because I never stop attacking.

Ginny: You have a divine animal right to protect your own life and the life of your offspring.

Slim: Self-defense is not murder.
Mitch: You don't have the guts.

Mitch: All right, man against woman. Is that really fair?
Slim: Fair for whom?

Ginny: He likes you.
Slim: He's a dick.

Instructor: Can you lose?
Slim: No.
Instructor: Can he hurt you?
Slim: No.
Instructor: Even though he's bigger.
Slim: He's a lot bigger.
Instructor: Even though he's stronger.
Slim: He's a lot stronger.

Revealing mistake: When Slim and her daughter are running away from the husband they run onto a bus. When it cuts to the bus driving away you can see that Slim is holding a dummy, which is supposed to be her daughter.

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Trivia: During the filming of Enough, Jennifer Lopez herself admitted in 2008 that she suffered a nervous breakdown related to overworking.

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Question: Slim visits a lawyer to seek advice. How did Slim find out about the lawyer in the first place?

Answer: She asked a waitress at the diner she was at in the previous scene.

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