Enough (2002)

Ending / spoiler

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Slim kills her husband. and doesnt not go to jail for it- Self defence is not Murder. (though the cops dont know she set the whole thing up) She gets her kid back and they go to live with her friend( the guy that they stayed with)

Ghetto Angel

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Mitch: All right, man against woman. Is that really fair?
Slim: Fair for whom?



When Slim and her daughter are running away from the husband they run onto a bus. When it cuts to the bus driving away you can see that Slim is holding a dummy, which is supposed to be her daughter.



The house at the marina is the same house used in the movie "The Island". They escape from the underground bunker and trace their (clone) host(s), Lincoln Six Echos, who lives in the identical house at the marina. Look at the staircase.