Tina Gilliam

Continuity mistake: After Diana confronts Gage about buying their property, she returns home and begins washing dishes. There is a wide shot of the kitchen sink with a stack of dishes and three patterned glasses sitting beside it. Diana picks up the three glasses and puts them in the sink. She then puts on yellow gloves in a close up shot. In the following wide shot, not only have the three patterned glasses reappeared by the sink but there are now two additional clear glasses as well.

Tina Gilliam

Continuity mistake: After Schneider is tied to the showers he is stripped and we see him being smacked with towels across his bare butt. When the last towel hits him there is shot of him writhing in pain and he's still wearing the black leather pants he had on earlier.

Tina Gilliam

Continuity mistake: When Chris, Brad and Sarah are watching TV in the living room you can hear a scene from the movie Halloween but there is something totally different on the TV. Also, as Chris starts to leave later on, there are several shots of the TV and Halloween is now on screen but the scene being shown is the same one that was heard earlier.

Tina Gilliam

25th Dec 2004

Private Benjamin (1980)

Continuity mistake: On her first day in basic, Judy is made to clean all the toilets in the latrine. There is a shot of her leaving the last stall and she is barefoot carrying her shoes. The next shot is outside the latrine and she can be seen wearing red rubber boots that almost reach her knees.

Tina Gilliam

27th Sep 2004

Ghost (1990)

Continuity mistake: When Oda Mae and Sam first go to Molly's apartment, Oda Mae is seen walking across the street wearing black shoes. They appear to be flats or sandals or something like that. After Oda Mae rings the bell and speaks to Molly unsuccessfully, she turns and walks down the building steps to leave and she is now wearing white sneakers.

Tina Gilliam

23rd Jun 2004

The Abyss (1989)

Continuity mistake: When Lindsay is pulled from the pool after she drowns her wet hair is covering her face. In the next shot she is laying on the floor and Bud is smoothing her hair back to give her CPR. The shot changes again and her hair is back covering her face like it was when they pulled her from the water.

Tina Gilliam

Continuity mistake: After Erin & Andy are attacked at the house, Erin runs back to the van, jumps in and attempts to start the van. When she puts the key in the ignition it is on the left side of the wheel and she uses her left hand. However, there are 2 closeup shots of her hand turning the key and the ignition is now on the right side and it is her right hand turning the key. (00:46:30)

Tina Gilliam

19th Apr 2004

Gangs of New York (2002)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bill is cutting up the pig and is about to show Amsterdam the "kill" spots, he wraps up a piece of the pig for an old woman standing nearby. He throws the meat to Amsterdam to give to her and then reaches to unsheath a knife strapped to his right side. After Amsterdam gives the woman the meat and turns back around the shot cuts back to Bill and he is seen unsheathing the same knife he was holding seconds before.

Tina Gilliam

10th Nov 2003

Friends (1994)

The One With All The Kissing - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: There is a scene in Central Perk where Rachel confronts Chandler about all the kissing he's been doing. She raises her hands up in front of her and tells Chandler to hold on to stop him from getting up from the couch. As he goes to sit back down on the couch she lowers her hands to her lap. The shot cuts to an angle behind Rachel's chair and she is lowering her hands again. (00:14:35)

Tina Gilliam

30th Oct 2003

Halloween (1978)

Continuity mistake: When Bob and Linda arrive at the Wallace house, the exterior shots show the doorknob on the front door to be on the left side which would mean the door would swing inward to the right. However, when the shot cuts to the inside of the house as the door opens, the door swings inward to the left and the doorknob is now on the right side. (00:59:20)

Tina Gilliam

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