Tina Gilliam

Correction: I have watched this scene, and the black and white dress is there the entire time. Sometimes the shot is from a different angle, where you can't see the closet or the dress hanging, but that's just the angle of the camera (aimed toward her living room). In the shots of her closet, the dress is always there.

Corrected entry: The second time Gogo hits the Bride with the metal ball on the chain she falls backwards over a table and lands on her back. There is a shot of the Bride's face and there is a considerable amount of blood in her mouth all over her teeth. However, seconds later the blood is gone and remains gone throughout the rest of that scene.

Tina Gilliam

Correction: It is possible she closed her lips and swallowed the blood.

9th Nov 2003

The Lost Boys (1987)

Corrected entry: As Sam dunks himself under the water in his bubble bath we see that the tub is full past the rim with bubbles. Seconds later, when he pops up from under the water after hearing the dog jump on Michael, there are no bubbles in the water at all. (00:39:05)

Tina Gilliam

Correction: There are bubbles in the tub when Sam resurfaces, they are at the ends of the tub; they aren't seen unless you view the movie in Widescreen format.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning when Steven shreds Evelyn's party list he then goes to his desk and types a new list in an email, sends the email and leaves his desk. No problem there. However, the next shot is from behind the desk looking at the computer and there is a shadow of someone moving in the sunlight being cast on the computer and the desk. Steven is already out of the shot so it must be a crew member.

Tina Gilliam

Correction: Or the ghost who re-types the list...

Joshua Skains

Correction: Later in the movie, its revealed that the house made the guest list. Relatives of the people who died in the fire.


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