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Corrected entry: Chili's boyfriend sees Jason enter the barn and thinks its Shelly. But there's no way he would think this considering Jason is much taller and looks nothing like Shelly. (00:54:25)

Correction: They're out in the woods, it's night, and he observed him from a distance. Chuck and Chili also spent almost every scene (including just a minute before while Chuck was in the outhouse) they're in smoking pot, so his power of perception might not be entirely accurate.

Corrected entry: Loco finds Fox swinging on the rope hanging from the top of the barn. He tells her to get down. In the next shot, we see the rope still swinging, but Fox has vanished. If you look in the bottom right of the barn, you can see the leg of a crewmember moving. (00:38:45)

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Correction: A plausible guess by viewers would be that it is just Jason carrying Fox away to kill her, and not a crew member.

Corrected entry: When Edna is watching the news, the newscaster says that, "Bodies were found literally strewn over the four square mile campground." However, Jason brought most of the bodies to his cabin in the woods. (00:08:45)

Correction: In the cabin in the woods, the only bodies we see are Terri's and the cop's. We never see any other bodies at the cabin.


Corrected entry: After Harold knocks the clothesline pole down, as he is putting it back up, he looks over to the camera. (00:08:05)

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Correction: He does not look over to the camera. He is looking at his wife who is yelling at him.


Corrected entry: In the recap of Friday the 13th Part 2, Ginny removes Jason's headcloth and leaves it by his head. In the newly filmed shot of him moving the machete, the cloth is suddenly by his chest. (00:04:40)

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Correction: We just see her pulling the headcloth off before it cuts back to her and Paul. We never see where she drops the headcloth.


Corrected entry: When Shelly first encounters the bikers at the store, one of them breaks the driver window and the windshield of the volkswagon. Later on when Rick and Chris go for a ride the windows are back intact. (00:32:10)

Correction: No they're not. They seem intact in the dark, but you can see the front shield is still broken.


Corrected entry: If there have been multiple killings at Camp Crystal Lake and everyone, even the police, knew about it wouldn't they have closed it down for good by now?

Correction: The camp is closed down in Part 3 and is not reopened until Part 6 when they have renamed the area Lake Forest Green and Jason is in the ground buried. In this movie, the killings don't take place at the camp but at a house on Crystal Lake owned by Chris's parents. Throughout the series, Jason stalks the entire Crystal Lake area and not just the famous campgrounds. So, even if the camp is closed, Jason still has the rest of the area around the lake to look for victims. Can the police close that down too?

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Correction: The camp was closed down after the events of the first film. At one point in the second film, a character looks at a sign for Camp Crystal Lake and says "this place is on the same lake we're gonna be." In another correction someone mentions that Jason prowls for his victims all over the lake, which is a valid point. The only area that's closed is the camp itself, not the entire lake and town, which simply can't be closed down for good.


Also, if you check out the other side of the lake during the scene in the second movie where they go swimming right before Jeff and Sandra sneak away you can see buildings that could be other camps or lake homes owned by people like Chris' parents. Jason had these areas to find his victims, not just the camp from the first movie. Also, the officer that brings back Jeff and Sandra makes the statement that the camp was condemned.


Corrected entry: How is Ali still alive at the end of the movie? Earlier in the film we see Jason chop him. And if he wasn't killed immediately, why was he in the barn the whole time? Makes no sense at all.

Correction: He didn't get hacked he got knocked unconscious with a wrench, that's why he got that wound on his head.

It wasn't a hammer. It's a knife. You can plainly see Jason chop his head and neck area 4 times. And since when does Jason just knock someone out? All through the series he kills people brutally.

Take a closer look. It's definitely not a knife, looks more like a wrench. Also, in the previous film, he fights with Paul, goes after Ginny, then Paul comes to the rescue. At this point in the series, Jason made mistakes and didn't always kill someone outright when he attacked. Shelly's death is a good example of that since he managed to make it to the house from the barn after Jason cut his throat. Perhaps he got more brutal as the series went on to be sure that anyone he attacked was dead.


Corrected entry: When Chris and Rick go out to the van after the group arrives, she notices that the van's side door is open and she wonders aloud if it was closed earlier. She then reaches in and Shelly grabs her wrist, startling her. Where did he hide in the van that she couldn't see him? There is nothing big enough for him to hide behind. (00:24:00)

Correction: The van is big enough for her not noticing him being in the back of it. She doesn't look into the van before she reaches her arm into it.


Corrected entry: An error between Part II and III. In part two, Ginny hits Jason with the machette through the shoulder and through his chest. There is a scene later at the end of Part II where Jason, unmasked, crashes through a window and the machette is still in place in his chest. This contrasts with the shot in the beginning of Part III where he "comes back to life," but in Part III the machette is not in his shoulder but in his hand.

Correction: The shots in the previous film where Jason jumps through the window are either a dream or hallucination of Ginny's, and the shot in this film where the machete is in Jason's hand is reality. It's not a far stretch to think that Jason was wounded badly and went his own way after the confrontation.

Where is it ever stated in the movie that the end of part two is Ginny hallucinating or dreaming? It isn't, at all.


Corrected entry: At the end of Part 2 Jason was unmasked, showing long hair and heavy eyebrows. In Part 3 he's unmasked again, but he looks totally different. He has some hair but is mostly bald. His face looks horrible, as his eyes don't line up, his skin is grayish, etc. Part 3 was supposed to have happened the day after 2, and yet he is now bald and his features are even more distorted.

Correction: Although the unmasked Jason seen at the end of Friday the 13th Part II was simply a hallucination by Ginnie and not real, Jason's appearance in this movie is still flawed, he is not seen with the water damage to his face that he got when he drowned as a child (his correct appearance is seen in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter).

Ginny was not hallucinating or dreaming at the end of part 2. It is never stated in any of the films. Its a fan theory, not fact.


Corrected entry: On the movie poster for Friday the 13th part 3D their is a picture of Jason shoving his machete at a victim in the shower curtain. This scene never happened in the film it's self.

Correction: This often happens, and is not a proper MOVIE mistake. Scenes from movie posters/trailers/TV spots etc. which don't make it into the movie itself are NOT movie mistakes. Additionaly, the front cover is done like that for a 3D effect (the machete poking through the shower curtain.).

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Visible crew/equipment: As Rick and Chris get in the Volkswagen Bug after Shelly returns it, you can see three crew members in the backseat window reflection. (00:35:55)


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Andy: God dammit, Shelly, why do you always have to be such an asshole?
Shelly: Sorry, and I'm not an asshole, I'm an actor.
Andy: Same thing.

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Trivia: This is the first film to show Jason in his famed hockey mask, which he would wear from this sequel on.

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Question: Where is it ever stated that the shots of unmasked Jason in part 2 are hallucinations of Ginny's, and that is the reason for the difference in Jason's appearance between part 2 & 3?

Answer: The very ending of part 2 proves this, as Ginny appears again found by the police and ambulances. 1) if Jason really got her she would be dead, not alive, he wrapped around her. 2) Paul was dead, not alive and 3) as far as Jason's appearance she would not be able to stand it at first glance, so in her head she would put more human features on his face to be able to deal with it.

Answer: It is never stated anywhere that she's hallucinating, some say that Ginny surviving is proof but Jason was badly injured, she could have gotten away, this is before Jason became supernatural. The changes in Jason's appearance is simply a continuity error.

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