Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D

Trivia: The theme tune to this film (played when the credits roll) also plays on the radio in the store Vera and Shelly go to. (00:29:40)

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Trivia: This is the first film to show Jason in his famed hockey mask, which he would wear from this sequel on.


Trivia: At the time this movie came out, it was the highest grossing sequel ever.


Trivia: Jason's trademark hockey-mask was a bit of a happy accident. The production wanted to decide on a definitive new mask for Jason to wear, after the previous film had saddled him with a cheap burlap sack that limited the actor's vision and also didn't really give any hint of what he looked like beneath. While shooting test-footage with a plethora of potential masks, the 3D effects supervisor- an avid hockey fan- just so happened to have a bag full of hockey-gear with him since he liked to organize spontaneous games. After a few tests with other masks, he caught a glimpse of his equipment bag and it dawned on him that a hockey-mask might look intimidating. He suggested director Steve Miner try his hockey-mask as an option, and Miner loved the look. And the rest is history.


Trivia: Debbie picks up a copy of "Fangoria" and turns to an article about Tom Savini, the man responsible for all the gore in some of the "Friday the 13th" films.


Trivia: Not including the scenes from "Part 2," this is the only "Friday the 13th" film when none of the characters actually say the name "Jason."


Trivia: A rather infamous and controversial alternate ending was rumored for many years: After killing Jason and floating on the lake, final-girl Chris would go back to the shore and open the door to the cabin, only to be greeted by Jason... Who then proceeded to lift her off the ground by her hair and decapitate her via machete, ending the film on a very dark note. For years this ending was only considered to be a fan rumor, as no evidence existed. However, more than twenty years after the film was released, some heavily damaged footage and behind-the-scenes photos were unearthed that actually contained stills of the deleted scene, confirming it to have been very real all along.


Trivia: Special Effects legend Stan Winston originally worked on the film, including creating the original version of unmasked Jason. However, he left the project due to a hectic schedule and his original design was reworked by the team that took over for him.


Trivia: The studio and filmmakers were so focused on trying to come up with cool and interesting ways to utilize the then cutting-edge 3D technology, that several actors have half-jokingly, half-seriously bemoaned the fact that the production cared more about throwing things in the audience's faces than the characters or story.


Trivia: Ironically, despite having arguably the most famous "3D" opening credits of any 80's 3D horror film... The opening credits are actually not presented with the 3D effect on any 3D home-video release.

Trivia: While the film is in 3D, the original theatrical release included a disclaimed after the studio logos noting that the opening scene was not in 3D, and informing audiences to only put on their 3D glasses when the effect started. The opening scene is comprised of flashback footage from the previous film, which was shot in 2D. Converting 2D footage to 3D was not really an option at the time as it is today with modern 3D technology.

Plot hole: We see Jason get his outfit from Harold's clothes line. Yet in Chris's flashback Jason has these same clothes already on.

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Andy: God dammit, Shelly, why do you always have to be such an asshole?
Shelly: Sorry, and I'm not an asshole, I'm an actor.
Andy: Same thing.

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Question: Where is it ever stated that the shots of unmasked Jason in part 2 are hallucinations of Ginny's, and that is the reason for the difference in Jason's appearance between part 2 & 3?

Answer: The very ending of part 2 proves this, as Ginny appears again found by the police and ambulances. 1) if Jason really got her she would be dead, not alive, he wrapped around her. 2) Paul was dead, not alive and 3) as far as Jason's appearance she would not be able to stand it at first glance, so in her head she would put more human features on his face to be able to deal with it.

Answer: It is never stated anywhere that she's hallucinating, some say that Ginny surviving is proof but Jason was badly injured, she could have gotten away, this is before Jason became supernatural. The changes in Jason's appearance is simply a continuity error.

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