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Corrected entry: Aren't Myers' eyes suppose to be "the blackest eyes, the devil's eyes", like Dr. Loomis tells us at the beginning? I guess he needs contacts or something, because his eyes are green when they show the close-up of his eye (which reflects the kid who gets the corkscrew in the neck).

Correction: Loomis means that Michael's eyes are emotionless and empty of feeling, because he's a psychopath. He has no empathy or care.

Correction: The term "the blackest eyes" is a metaphor for when you see Michael at a far enough distance. It looks as if he has completely black eyes.

Corrected entry: Seriously now, Michael Myers is mortal too; so are we supposed to believe he can survive multiple stab wounds, a serious head injury by fire extinguisher, being run through with a flag pole, a 15 foot fall, and an axe to the chest; and not even come out of it with a limp? No one is that tough; it's not as if he was wearing body armour, cos he bled a lot. Movies 4-6 are disregarded, so the curse can't apply.

Correction: However, in the first Halloween he was shot seven times with a 6 shot revolver, stabbed with a knitting needle, had his eye jabbed with a coat hanger, stabbed with his own knife, and fell from a second floor balcony flat on his back. He survived. In the second one he was shot several more times, including through the eyes, in a room where oxygen tanks exploded, and set on fire. Guess what? He survived. If he could survive all that, why not his injuries in H20?

Corrected entry: At the end of the film Keri/Laurie is at the Hillcrest Academy, after Keri/Laurie runs from Michael Myers after throwing all of the knives at him she jumps out on him and stabs him with only one knife and then falls over the balcony, if she stabbed him with one knife how come you see one in his chest when he is laying flat on the table and one in Keri/Laurie's hand? (01:10:20)

Correction: Laurie attacks Michael with 2 knives. She picks one knife up from the floor of the kitchen and pulls another knife from the door she crawls through (she threw this one in the door at him previously). No mistake here.

Tina Gilliam

Corrected entry: When Laurie is confessing to Will who she really is, she mentions that Michael murdered Judith when she was 17. However in the original "Halloween" Judith's tombstone reveals that Judith was born November 10, 1947. Considering she was killed on Halloween in 1963, she would have actually been 15, not 17.

Correction: Actually, Judith was born in 1946, the stone says so. So, Judith was 17 when she was killed, going on 18.

Corrected entry: Why is Jamie Lee Curtis' daughter never addressed in H20 when she played such a pivotal role in 4-7? Jamie and her husband supposedly died in a car accident leaving behind the daughter, yet Josh Hartnett would have been older than the girl. If you include movies 4-7 the plot of H20 doesn't fit.

Correction: Apparently 4-7 (maybe even 3-7) are not officially part of the Halloween "universe", and as such the plots in the other films don't reflect them.

Correction: The events of this movie are connected only to the Halloween 1-2 universe.

Correction: Halloween H2O is part 7 of the series. And yes, parts 3-6 don't count in terms of continuity for this movie.


Corrected entry: Don't paramedics check if someone is dead before they put them in a bodybag? Because Michael Myers seemed very much alive.

Correction: This is explained in Halloween: Resurrection. That's the paramedic in the body bag, not Michael.


Corrected entry: Maybe this is just because I haven't seen the 6th Halloween movie, but what happened between Halloween 5 when Michaels hands were all scarred and mangled to Halloween H2O when his hands were perfectly normal?

Correction: What happened (made clear at least once in the Corrections section) is that Halloweens 4-6 were declared NON-CANON. Ergo, anything that happened in those movies would NOT be reflected in H20.

Corrected entry: When Keri goes downtown for lunch, we see tons of kids running around in Halloween costumes, but shouldn't they be in school? Keri is shown giving a class that day, so obviously it's a school day, yet kids are running around town at lunch time.

Correction: Yes, Halloween was a school day in the movie, Most schools encourage students to dress up on Halloween, so it's not that unusual these kids are running around town in costumes at lunchtime cause they'd technically be running around on their own time. Further some schools let out early on holidays.

Corrected entry: When Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Hartnett are arguing about the trip he wants to go on, Jamie Lee slams the fridge door and something clearly falls off. Minutes later when they show the floor there is nothing there.

Correction: It doesn't fall off, It only slides down but it is still stuck to the fridge.

Corrected entry: When the corkscrew falls down the garbage disposal, the kid flips on the switch and then sticks his hand down. When he looks at the switch, its back in the off position.

Correction: He flips it off before sticking his hand in after hearing the bottle opener rattle around inside (you can hear the motor shut off). It would be a rather fatal goof to not flip the disposal off.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Michael Myers parks his truck outside the school gate and LL Cool J is talking on the phone to his girlfriend, the lights are on in the beginning of the scene - Michael walks in the gate, LL Cool J walks in the gate, then closes it. Then when Michael appears in the window and LL Cool J turns around and looks outside the lights are off. Then later in the same scene the lights are on again.

Correction: When LL Cool J sees the car at the gate and Michael Myers slips through the gate, the lights are on, yes, but when Michael appears in the window and LL Cool J checks the car again, the lights are still on. They go off when he's looking at it to make it appear that someone is still in the car. How the lights turned off could be the mistake but, who knows.

Corrected entry: When Charlie and his girlfriend are in the elevator thing after Charlie gets killed, his head is facing forward and then 2 seconds later it's facing the girl and she didn't touch him.

Correction: No, she never touched the head but when she got in and the elavator started moving the head was knocked and fell to the side. Since the body is dead it would be very limp and the head wouldn't be supported.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the boy drops the corkscrew in the waste disposal unit, you can see the metal flange of the disposal unit move as the corkscrew falls in showing it's not been properly fixed to the sink.

Correction: Not a mistake, as this can easily happen in real life.


Corrected entry: When Adam Arkin goes to check on Molly and Sarah, Sarah takes a draw of a cigarette then breathes out but no smoke comes out her mouth.

Correction: Actually she did blow it out, but she had her head turned, then she wanted to make sure no smoke was left in her mouth.

Corrected entry: After Jamie Lee Curtis stabs Michael and he falls off the balcony, she goes down and looks at him. Right when she gets to the same room as him they switch to a shot of him and you can see him take a huge breath.

Correction: He is still alive, so therefore he breathes. He gets up again soon after.


Correction: Actually the dedication is at the end of Halloween: The curse of Michael Myers. And Donald Pleasence is also credited as Plesance.

Corrected entry: Fire extinguishers are very heavy yet Miss Tate seems to pick it up with ease and hit Mikey with some force.

Correction: I believe this extinguisher was rather empty as when Lori hits him it sounds hollow. Besides, a fire extinguisher isn't so heavy as to be unwieldable. Also, Lori is in an extreme situation where adrenaline is a factor, adding to her strength. Even if the extinguisher isn't empty, her fear and determination to confront Michael may be enough to give her enough strength to use a heavy extinguisher as a weapon.

Corrected entry: Right After Molly and John find their friend in the pantry, they run from Michael into some sort of woods or garden, and Michael gets Molly, but John punches him and Michael throws both to the ground, then Michael stabs John in the leg and Molly hits him with a big rock. When Michael gets up, there are leaves and stuff stuck to the knife because of the fake blood.

Correction: But leaves and soil would stick to the knife, even if it had real blood on it.

Corrected entry: At the start when Jimmy investigates Mrs. Wittington's trashed house he goes in there at about mid afternoon and when he comes out it is totally dark. He couldn't have spent that long in her house and also in October the days turn dark quite late. (00:02:35)

Correction: First of all, it's late afternoon, not mid afternoon. Secondly, Jimmy IS in the house for quite some time, to make sure that it's safe. Last, the sun DOES set earlier in October. It is perfectly logical that it would have gone dark by the time he comes out.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie Lee Curtis is teaching a class, just prior to the class trip, a shot over her shoulder shows on the blackboard 'W.B. Yates'. It should be spelled 'Yeats'. In a shot a few seconds later the spelling has been corrected.

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Jimmy: Alright, let's not anyone mess with me here. I've been suspended five times this year already for getting a little crazy with the stick!

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Trivia: Janet Leigh not only gets into the same make and model car as "Psycho" but it also has the same license plate number: NFB 418.

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Question: If Myers switched with the paramedic (as shown at the start of the next movie) and the medic couldn't speak because his larynx was crushed, why didn't he take the mask off to show Laurie it wasn't Myers? At the end you can see that he was able to have full use of his arms and hands when he got out of the body bag, then got up after he got hit by the van and when he was pinned he raised his hands to her.


Chosen answer: There is no answer to that. Its simply bad work by the writers. They never tried to explain that. You could perhaps assume shock had prevented the paramedic from immediately taking the mask off. Unlikely though,.

Answer: Because they didn't think there'd be another movie, as this one appeared to be Myers' swan song, as it should've been.


Answer: And seriously, only a Michael Myers could survive all of that trauma. It was a Hollywood ending that could go either way and if the ratings and the income was savory enough, the paramedic dies! So yes, maybe this paramedic was a Myers relation.

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