Halloween: H20

Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie/Keri)smashes the electronic lock on the gate, grabs an axe and actively looks for Michael Myers in the school. Michael stabs her and follows her into a dining room. He knocks off some tables and she stabs him with a flagpole. After that, Michael follows her into an upstairs kitchen en she throws some knives at him. She can esape after almost getting stabbed and hides for Michael. When Michael comes into the hallway she stabs him and knocks him off a balcony onto a table in the dining room. She wants to stab him again but Ronnie prevents her from doing that. She does not believe Michael really is dead grabs a gun from a police officer and takes Michael in a coroner truck to the countryside and drives down the hill, Michael awakens in the body bag and Laurie hits the break. Michael flies through the windshield. She is fine, and sees Michael with sorrowful eyes on the ground before the car. After Michael gets up, she drives into him causing the car to fall down the hill. Laurie falls out of the car and Michael is pinned against a tree and the car hits him causing him to get stuck. Laurie finds the axe she was carrying with her and walks to Michael. He touches his mask and acts like he doesn't know what happened to him. When he reaches out his bloody hand, Laurie reaches out her bloody hand too. They only toch fingernails and after a sigh, Laurie chops off Michaels head, ending her life of fear.

Temoor Naeem

Continuity mistake: When Jamie Lee Curtis is teaching a class, just prior to the class trip, a shot over her shoulder shows on the blackboard 'W.B. Yates'. It should be spelled 'Yeats'. In a shot a few seconds later the spelling has been corrected.

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Jimmy: Alright, let's not anyone mess with me here. I've been suspended five times this year already for getting a little crazy with the stick!

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Trivia: The trivia and in jokes abound in this film. Firstly, you have Janet Leigh (Jamie Lee Curtis' mother) playing Norma (reference to Psycho) and complaining that the "showers are blocked again" (second reference to Psycho). In her last scene in the film, Janet Leigh is about to get into and drive away in the same car that she used in Psycho.

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Question: If Myers switched with the paramedic (as shown at the start of the next movie) and the medic couldn't speak because his larynx was crushed, why didn't he take the mask off to show Laurie it wasn't Myers? At the end you can see that he was able to have full use of his arms and hands when he got out of the body bag, then got up after he got hit by the van and when he was pinned he raised his hands to her.


Chosen answer: There is no answer to that. Its simply bad work by the writers. They never tried to explain that. You could perhaps assume shock had prevented the paramedic from immediately taking the mask off. Unlikely though,.

Answer: Because they didn't think there'd be another movie, as this one appeared to be Myers' swan song, as it should've been.


Answer: And seriously, only a Michael Myers could survive all of that trauma. It was a Hollywood ending that could go either way and if the ratings and the income was savory enough, the paramedic dies! So yes, maybe this paramedic was a Myers relation.

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