Mark English

29th Jun 2005

National Treasure (2004)

Corrected entry: Throughout, the Declaration is fairly easy to read. However, in reality, the document is extremely faded, and you can't read most parts of it.

Correction: When showing the original Declaration in the movie, many times it is severely faded just like in real life, you can barely read signatures or much of the document.

Mark English

Corrected entry: In the Mace Windu/Palpatine fight scene, the glass window is shattered after being hit by a lightsaber and heavy wind is blowing into the room where there are fighting. However, while Palpatine is talking to Anakin after the fight, there is no more wind in the room.

Correction: The wind was caused by the air pressure changing in the room, much like an airplane that has a sudden hole blown into it. Once the air pressure balenced out, the wind ceased to blow in the room.

Mark English

26th Jun 2005

The Incredibles (2004)

Corrected entry: When Helen is sneaking into Syndrome's headquarters she narrowly misses being hit by a pod/vehicle. Every other pod/vehicle has had people aboard, so the guards on duty in the pod would have seen that a super was in the building and they would have told Syndrome.

Correction: The guards wouldn't have warned anyone if they hadn't have seen her. They didn't have to pay attention to steer the vehicle. They were probably just talking to each other, not thinking anyone else was on the island but them, so they could have easily missed seeing her.

Mark English

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the forest with Hagrid, Harry looks to the right, and a cloaked figure moves from left to right across the screen. This means that the figure, Quirrel, was heading back to the castle rather than toward the unicorn.

Correction: Professor Quirrel could have been circling the group to see who was there before he attacked the unicorn, plus the Forbidden Forrest has many twist and turns and Quirrel could have just been trying to move around them.

Mark English

29th Jun 2005

Star Wars (1977)

Corrected entry: When Luke and C-3PO are searching for R2-D2 in the morning, as Luke says, "Lookit, there's a droid on the scanner. Dead ahead. It might be our little R2 unit. Hit the accelerator.", Threepio is gesturing as if he's answering him, but nothing is heard. (00:26:40)

Correction: C-3PO could have just been pointing and nodding, requiring no speech at all.

Mark English

13th Jun 2005

Star Wars (1977)

Corrected entry: In the first few scenes where we see C3PO and R2D2 on the rebel blockade runner in the beginning of the movie, C3PO says "There'll be no escape for the Princess this time." implying he is familiar with the princess. However, on Tatooine when R2D2 is playing back Princess Leia's hologram for Luke and Luke asks who she is, C3PO replies, "I'm afraid I'm not quite sure, sir. I think she was a passenger on our last voyage. A person of some importance, sir - I believe."

Correction: Even C-3PO, in his always talking ways, knew not to mention the Princess and her connection to the rebellion to strangers. He did not know Luke very well yet and he was trying to keep the identity of the Princess a secret from him. Later as he learns to trust Luke and meets Obi-Wan "again" for the first time, he reveals his relationship with the Princess.

Mark English

8th Aug 2004

The Village (2004)

Corrected entry: When Ivy is climbing out of the pit, she puts her cane on the very edge so that the handle overhangs a little. When she finally gets out, her cane is much further away, next to her white sack (previously thrown out of the pit). (01:19:30 - 01:20:15)

Correction: Ivy puts her cane on the edge of the pit, then slings her pack next to it, both are on the edge of the pit. As she climbs out of the pit, she moves them both further away from the pit with her body, as she slides along the ground.

Mark English

6th Jun 2005

Moulin Rouge (2001)

Corrected entry: When the Argentinean passes out again and Zidler says "Honestly amigo, this is impossible. . ." he should be saying 'ami' or 'copain' instead of 'amigo' since they are in France and not Spain. (01:09:10)

Correction: People from Argentina speak Spanish as their first language. Apparently Zidler knows a little Spanish as well as French. I have traveled to many countries and I do not always speak the native language just because I am there.

Mark English

Corrected entry: In the scene after Helm's Deep when Gimli and Legolas are tallying up their kills, just before the scene is over the visible arm of the dead orc moves. This is not the result of Gimli shaking the body with his axe as the arm moves then stops and moves again.

Correction: Either the Orc was not quite dead yet, or it was a nerve twitching as the Orc finally died.

Mark English

5th Jun 2005

Batman (1989)

Corrected entry: Before the fight scene in the bell tower, the Joker sprays acid all over the bell and it falls all the way down to the first storey. However, the bell is up in the tower again when Batman is fighting the big guy. (01:01:05)

Correction: There was more than one bell in the bell tower.

Mark English

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Bond and his girl escape from the airplane in the Jeep and you can see the airplane crash into the cliff and explode. What would there be to explode? The fuel is used up/drained, so shouldn't the plane just crumple up?

Correction: There are fuel fumes in the tanks. The fumes alone are sufficient to cause the explosion.

Mark English

29th May 2005

Star Trek (1966)

Where No Man Has Gone Before - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When the Enterprise is heading outside the galaxy, from the scene showing the ship at the edge of the galaxy, it looks like the ship could easily go over or under the pink area and solve the whole problem. Of course, it would have been a pretty short show.

Richard Welty

Correction: The pink boundary at the edge of the galaxy is only shown from the same plane of space the Enterprise is at. If the Enterprise tried to go up or down the pink boundary would still be there.

Mark English

Corrected entry: After the ambush in the shield generator bunker there is a cut to outside where you'll see lots of stormtroopers and the captured rebells with their hands above their heads. However, a white and black dressed soldier (speed biker?) stands to the right of the captured rebells - also with his hands in the air.

Correction: The speed biker who has his hands in the air is a rebel in a biker trooper's uniform. After the Ewok takes off on the speeder, and two of the biker troopers take off after him, the remaining biker is captured by the rebels. A rebel soldier then puts on the uniform to "stand guard" over the shield generator bunker complex, to make it appear that everything is normal. When the trap the Emperor set for Solo and the Rebels led to their capture, the disguised rebel soldier was captured as well.

Mark English

19th May 2005

Chicken Run (2000)

Corrected entry: The rats are only about half as tall as the chickens. Those are pretty big rats.

Correction: Some species of rats grow to sizes that are equal to the size of the rats in the movie. I have seen them. And believe me they are pretty big rats! Also remember the rats in the movie are standing on two legs, while rats travel on all fours.

Mark English

19th May 2005

A Bug's Life (1998)

Corrected entry: A grasshopper would never have been able to lift up a leaf with lots of food on it, as Hopper does.

Correction: Hopper does not lift the leaf with food on it by himself. He is helped by the other grasshoppers. They, being grasshoppers, probably ate most of the food anyway before attempting to lift the leaf.

Mark English

9th May 2005

The Patriot (2000)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tavington is being told by Corwallis he may use "brutal" tactics, Tavington says he would not be able to return to England after committing such acts of violence. Cornwallis offers him the bribe of an enormous portion of American land. Tavington says "Tell me about Ohio." Ohio didn't not become an Amercan territory until after the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Ohio wasn't actually American land.

Correction: The Ohio River Valley was a British controlled territory at the time of the Revolution. Although many of the original colonial charters included parts of this area, the area was jointly claimed by France and Britain. It officially became part of the British Empire after the French & Indian War (Seven Years War in Europe). Tavington knew the colonies would eventually spread into this area and he wanted to control a big part of it when they did. To bad for him, the Americans won their independence, and in doing so the U.S. was given the Ohio River Valley as a concession in the Treaty of Paris that ended the American Revolution in 1783. The Ohio River Valley was formally organized into several territories with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.

Mark English

6th May 2005

Stand By Me (1986)

Corrected entry: In the scene where the boys are running from the train, River Phoenix calls Teddy "Corey" (the actor's real name). He says "Move it, man, Corey move" while they are running.

Correction: Not only that but Corey Feldman wasn't running from the train, he was watching with River.

2nd Feb 2005

Elf (2003)

Corrected entry: After the snowball fight in the park, Buddy and Michael are walking by a row of houses. Under the steps of one of the houses, you can see a man in a yellow coat come out, see the camera, and then turn around to hide from being seen in that shot.

Eric Franklin

Correction: I don't think the man was dodging the camera. Even people in New York forget things they may need to go back into their homes for.

Mark English

4th May 2005

Titanic (1997)

Corrected entry: J. Gordon Ismay was an educated, intelligent man. He knew perfectly well who Sigmund Freud was. Rose, on the other hand, was an unmarried Edwardian society girl and wouldn't have even been allowed in a room where Freud's books were kept. She would most certainly not have been aware of his theories of penile envy.

Correction: Just because Rose was not formally allowed to study Freud, or other subjects, does not mean her parents, (mother especially), did not educate her privately as many families in that time period did. Also, being from a wealthy family, until their father lost all the money, she could have had access to a library at home and studied on her on.

Mark English

20th Apr 2005

Star Trek (1966)

Correction: The bartender may have a shelf that is just under the bar, so he wouldn't have to bend his knees to get the tribbles who have collected there.

Mark English

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