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Corrected entry: After the pie machine is delivered, Mrs. Tweedy hands the instruction manual to Mr. Tweedy and he says "I'll put it together then, shall I?". Then after the pie machine has been put together Mr. Tweedy asks his wife "What is it?". I find it really far-fetched that after reading an entire instruction manual about the machine and putting it together, he still wouldn't know what it actually was.

Correction: It's established that Mr. Tweedy isn't exactly the brains of the marriage. It's equally far-fetched that chickens can build an aeroplane, but it happens.

Corrected entry: How did Ginger get to the dough in the machine without being sliced up? Rocky grabs hold of a bar, makes it fall down, and slides to that place, but there was no bar before that. (Both he and Ginger fall down the "Meat" chute, Rocky almost falls down the "Vegetable" chute, but it changes right before he gets there).

Correction: We don't get to see it, but we can assume she was clever/lucky just as Rocky was.

Corrected entry: At the end when Ginger gets Nick and Fetcher to steal tools from the Tweedy's so they can build their plane, why didn't she simply get them to do some more damage to the pie machine in order to buy some time in making the plane?.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: The Tweedys are obviously very poor, and are desperate for money. But when Mr. Tweedy asks Mrs. Tweedy which chickens he should get to be made into pies, Mrs. Tweedy replies "All of them". What did Ms. Tweedy plan to do after all of those pies were sold? It makes no sense that she would want to kill all the chickens at once.

Correction: She could sell all of the pies she makes, then buy more chickens for half the price, then make them into pies and so on (don't forget, one chicken will make far more than one pie). Knowing how much she seems to hate Mr. Tweedy, however, it's far more likely that she'll take the money they make off selling the pies and just leave him.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Ginger makes a plan to escape underground. She holds a spoon in her hand, which she is evidently using to escape with. But then she is holding an egg mixer.

Correction: She could have left the egg mixer at the end of the tunnel from a previous dig. Or she could have gone back and brought it along another time - we're not shown if the spoon is actually going to be used to finish the tunnel or just continue it.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Edwina the chicken is picked up by Mrs Tweedy for not laying any eggs. Edwina is a white chicken. When you see Mrs Tweedy holding up Edwina by the doorway two seconds later, Edwina's colour has changed to brown. Then when there is a close up of the chopping block and the axe, you can see Edwina's bottom half, which has now changed back to white.

Correction: Edwina is always a white chicken, her color does not change. She just seems a little darker in the shadows.

Corrected entry: At the end, all the chickens are on a small island in the middle of a lake in a bird sanctuary. But if they landed on that island, where is their plane? It's nowhere to be seen.

Correction: They dismantled it, of course. It was made out of all sorts of useful bits and pieces, things they need to build shelter, and machinery like Mac's launching device for young chickens.

Corrected entry: The entire plane seems to be struggling when Mrs. Tweedy tries to get in by the wire. Later on, Ginger is able to hold on to the part of wire Mrs. Tweedy is on with one hand.

Correction: The reason why the plane is struggling so much is because Mrs, Tweedy is so heavy that she is holding the plane down and then when Ginger has cut the wire the extra weight is no longer there so the plane can return to normal.

Corrected entry: When the chickens are flying in the plane (as Ginger is trying to get rid of Mrs. Tweedy) they seem to have flown quite far in a straight line. Yet when Ginger finally cuts Mrs. Tweedy off, they are flying over the farm again. They must have a lot of chickens to need a farm that big.

rabid anarchist

Correction: When Fowler turns to avoid the billboard, he does a 180 and flies back in the direction of the farm, and they're over top of it again when Mrs. Tweedy falls.

Corrected entry: Mrs. Tweedy stops the malfunctioning pie machine by unplugging it. Yet later, as Mr. Tweedy repairs it, he tries to restart with the actions and sound effects of a machine powered by an internal combustion engine.

rabid anarchist

Correction: The electricity is for the starter motor. The machine also has a gas oven, hence uses electricity, diesel and gas (Still tired of making miniscule profits? This machine sounds expensive to me).

Corrected entry: While saving Ginger, Rocky tells Bunty to "give him a boost", and then he is shown on top of a telephone pole. However, in the beginning, when "Chicken Run" appears, you can tell there is absolutely no way that a chicken could give another one a boost to get to the top of the telephone wire. Rocky couldn't have climbed up it either, because Mr. Tweedy most likely would have noticed this easy way to escape.

Correction: As we see throughout the film, Mr. Tweedy isn't very bright. He doesn't block a means of escape until one of the chickens actually tries to use it. Since the chickens didn't try to climb the pole to escape, he never noticed it.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie a chicken named Edwina dies, but whenever there is a crowd of chickens you can see Edwina.

logan crews

Correction: Actually, this is a common misconception. The chicken in the crowd is a different, although similar-looking, chicken named Ducky.

Corrected entry: The second time the plane comes down the lane (after having to turn around), it would have arrived at Ginger and Rocky long before it actually does.

Correction: This is quite common in films, because there are often shots of things happening in slow-mo, things happening at the same time, etc. Very rarely is a shot of a movie in real time.

Corrected entry: The rats are only about half as tall as the chickens. Those are pretty big rats.

Correction: Some species of rats grow to sizes that are equal to the size of the rats in the movie. I have seen them. And believe me they are pretty big rats! Also remember the rats in the movie are standing on two legs, while rats travel on all fours.

Mark English

Corrected entry: Fowler dances with a rose in his teeth. How did he get that? It doesn't seem like there'd be any growing in the farm.

Correction: The rose could have grown anywhere on the farm, perhaps in a pot indoors, or it could be a plastic decoration, or maybe one of the rats brought it for him. There are dozens of possible explanations.

Corrected entry: Nick and Fletcher use a clay gnome to disguise themselves to look for equipment. However, that gnome had its head bitten off by a dog in the beginning of the film.

Correction: Mrs Tweedy only had one gnome on the whole farm?

Corrected entry: When Rocky flies in to the farm, he is not wearing a backpack. When he wakes up in the hut, he's not wearing a backpack, but one appears just as he dives out the door.

Correction: He's wearing the backpack beneath his cape; you can see the straps going over his shoulders. Presumably the chickens took it off after he crashed, along with his cape.

Corrected entry: Rocky uses a coat hanger to slide on a wire from the top of a hut to the top of the barn where the pie machine is. But the huts are only 4 feet high, while the round opening in the barn is easily 20 feet up. How can Rocky defy gravity and make the slide upwards?

Correction: He slides from the top of a telephone pole, not a hut.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Rocky receives a pin for bravery, he pins it on his handkerchief tied around his neck. In the next scene when he is sitting on the roof with Ginger, the pin is gone.

Correction: He's holding the pin in his hands when we see him on the roof. When he notices Ginger there, he sets the pin down beside him instead of putting it back on.

Corrected entry: When Mrs. Tweedy is knocked down and tosses her axe into the air, it goes flipping through the air forward, then she is lying down later and it comes flying back somehow, and lands next to her head. Some kind of boomerang axe?

rabid anarchist

Correction: The axe actually bounces off the wire fence and lands beside her.

Chicken Run mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Mrs. Tweedy stretches her gloves out and releases them. The chickens gulp and Mrs. Tweedy walks away. Between these two shots of Mrs. Tweedy, the clouds behind her obviously change.

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Fowler: I don't like the look of this one. His eyes are too close together.
Ginger: Fowler, please!
Fowler: And he's a Yank!
Rocky: Easy, pops, cockfighting's illegal where I come from.
Bunty: And where is that exactly?
Rocky: Oh, just a little place I call the land of the free, the home of the brave.
Mac: Scotland!
Rocky: No! America!
Chickens: Ooo...America!
Fowler: Poppycock! Pushy Americans, always showing up late for every war.

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Trivia: During the credits the two rats' argument about "the chicken or the egg" continues. There's also a short clip of Rocky telling them to shut up.

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Question: I heard that the penguin from Wallace and Gromit appears in the opening scene. Is this true? Could anyone point it out to me?

Answer: Yes, he is in the opening scene.

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