Chicken Run

Other mistake: Ginger is adamant that she will not approve any plan of escape that does not get all the chickens on the farm out and to freedom. The problem is, not one of her plans gets anywhere close, and it is not that they fail to liberate the whole farm - they are never planned that way. We see her trying to escape by herself three times. The mannequin of Mrs Tweedy would (had it worked) have allowed nine chickens to escape, the upturned feed tray just seven. Even the 'crate' appears to hold not more than thirty chickens - and there must be several hundred on the farm, at least.

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Suggested correction: Can you be sure we see the whole escape plan from start to finish or just one of the phases?


Of course we are sure. The "crate", with thirty six chickens on it, is flown away from the farm and is dismantled. They cannot go back to the farm for the rest of the chickens. Escaping by herself will achieve nothing for anyone except herself, totally contradicting her own principles. The posting is absolutely correct.

I believe the original correction makes sense. For example, we see them attempt to impersonate Mrs. Tweedy. While this would only liberate some of the chickens, we don't know that's the entire plan. It's likely they're trying it to see if it's successful, and if so the rest of the chickens would repeat it until they were all out. Similarly, digging out would leave a tunnel for the rest to use. When Ginger tries alone, she's likely trying to find a way out that she could tell the rest about.

This isn't a chatroom so this will be my last word. The "crate" is a single use, one-off device. The chickens fly it away from the farm, escaping to their island. They cannot go back and there is absolutely no reason to think that they do. Mrs Tweedy is still in residence at the farm and now is forewarned about the ability of the chickens to organise and act intelligently. Even if they wanted to they could not fly back, and Tweedy would be waiting for them if they did. The crate holds thirty eight chickens. That's it. There is no plan in effect that will allow all of the chickens to escape - especially this one - and Ginger makes it clear she will not consider any plan unless it does. The posting is absolutely correct.

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Tweedy gets the idea of converting her farm when reading the brochure called "Sick and tired of making minuscule profits," a wedding picture of the husband and wife is seen on a cupboard at the back. Then, in the next shot, as Mrs. Tweedy slams her hand on her desk that same picture suddenly happens to be on the desk.

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Continuity mistake: Mrs. Tweedy stretches her gloves out and releases them. The chickens gulp and Mrs. Tweedy walks away. Between these two shots of Mrs. Tweedy, the clouds behind her obviously change.

Continuity mistake: When Rocky is pedaling the tricycle there is a radio on the back and its aerial is on the right hand side. But when the shot is from the back the aerial moves to the other side of the radio and then back again on the front shots.

Continuity mistake: When Ginger is hiding in that metal thing to stop the gate from closing to let the other chickens out, she runs to shut it and it shows a close up of her and the gate closing on her. You can see the gate is almost shut, but when the camera cuts to a differnt angle, the gate is wide open. (00:05:18)

Plot hole: When Ginger and Rocky escape from being made into a pie, it cuts to them back in the chicken coop. The movie is based on being unable to escape the coop, yet they can get back in no problem.

Other mistake: In one or two long shots for the head counts you can see all the chickens in the entire farm lined up outside. There are at least two hundred of them. In all other scenes and on the escape vehicle, you never see more than 20 chickens or so. Where did all the others go?

Plot hole: Ginger can hold Mrs. Tweedy single winged. She can also tip up a feeder full of food. So now we have clarified that she is one ridiculously strong hen, how does she need help pushing up a deck chair? 3 other chickens were able to do it with ease earlier.

Continuity mistake: Rocky is at one point so big that he barely fits inside a fairly big box and needs to be pried out. But later on, he and Ginger fit perfectly inside a small pie.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, Mrs. Tweedy slams into a billboard advertising her chicken pot pies. When she reappears, she has on her face a picture of her face that has ripped off the billboard. In actuality, the picture would be turned around. In other words, the picture of her face would be facing her real face, and you would see only white paper and glue.

Continuity mistake: During the first roll call, Ginger and Fowler are arguing, and when they first step into line there is another chicken between them. After a couple of cuts to the Tweedies, however, they are now side by side with no-one in between.

Continuity mistake: After Mr. Tweedy is knocked out by the wing of the airplane, his position changes several times from shot to shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Mr. Tweedy is collecting eggs, he represents "no eggs" with a little grey line. But when he gives the checklist to Mrs. Tweedy at the inspection, the "no eggs" symbol is a red 0.

Continuity mistake: Rocky escapes on a telephone wire through a round window into the shed with the pie machine. The bracket holding the wire is attached exactly above the window. Later, when Mrs. Tweedy involuntarily skydives from the plane, she enters the shed through the same round window (the bracket is visible above it) but she does not hit the wire on her way down.

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Continuity mistake: When Mr. Tweedy collects the eggs, he adds check marks in Tuesday's column on the list he holds. In Monday's column it reads that chickens 276 and 277 did not lay eggs the day before. However, when the list is submitted at the end of the week, there are check marks in Monday's column for chickens 276 and 277, as if they did lay eggs.

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Continuity mistake: During the dance scene, when Babs starts to dance with Bunty, Babs' knitting disappears.

Continuity mistake: Fowler is buried in wet mud during the fight scene. Then a few seconds later he's in the hut with the chickens and he's completely clean and dry, including the same scarf he had on.

Factual error: When Bunty is the first to test the 'thrust' with the elastic, she is attached to a rope, which winds on for metres and metres, attached to a post at the other end. Why then, does it take a second or two for Bunty to be flung from the roller skate (or whatever she was travelling on) from the point we see the rope at full taughtness?

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, Mr. Tweedy has a gun on his back while patrolling the farm. When he sees Mrs. Tweedy in the door, the gun is gone.

Continuity mistake: If you watch closely as the feeder falls on Rocky, the poster comes out of nowhere. It was not in Rocky's hands, not in the feeder, and most certainly not on the ground.

Babs: Hello, Ginger. Back from holiday?
Ginger: I wasn't on holiday, I was in solitary confinement.
Babs: It's nice to get a little time to yourself, isn't it?

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Trivia: During the credits the two rats' argument about "the chicken or the egg" continues. There's also a short clip of Rocky telling them to shut up.

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Question: I heard that the penguin from Wallace and Gromit appears in the opening scene. Is this true? Could anyone point it out to me?

Answer: Yes, he is in the opening scene.

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