Chicken Run

Mr. Tweedy finds out the chicken's big scheme to escape on the night they're all supposed to be turned into pies. The chickens escape in the "crate" (flying machine) they built from their huts (despite Mr. Tweedy's attempts to stop them), but Mrs. Tweedy grabs onto a string of Christmas lights joined to the plane. Ginger tries to cut the wire while Mrs. Tweedy tries to decapitate Ginger with a hatchet. Thinking she succeeded, Mrs. Tweedy cuts the wire and gets stuck head-first into the pie machine. The chicken farm explodes and releases a cloud of gravy into the air. Rocky and Ginger, despite not having lips, kiss. The chickens land in a bird sanctuary and have families. Nick and Fetcher talk about starting a chicken farm and get into an argument about that they'll need to get started: a chicken or an egg?


Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Tweedy gets the idea of converting her farm when reading the brochure called "Sick and tired of making minuscule profits," a wedding picture of the husband and wife is seen on a cupboard at the back. Then, in the next shot, as Mrs. Tweedy slams her hand on her desk that same picture suddenly happens to be on the desk.

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Babs: I don't want to be a pie! I don't like gravy.

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Trivia: Chickens don't have teeth, even though every chicken in this film is shown to have a full set. This is because of the traditional Aardman animation to have every single character to have a cheesy grin.

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