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Corrected entry: The second time the plane comes down the lane (after having to turn around), it would have arrived at Ginger and Rocky long before it actually does.

Correction: This is quite common in films, because there are often shots of things happening in slow-mo, things happening at the same time, etc. Very rarely is a shot of a movie in real time.

Corrected entry: There are several points throughout the film where you can see a fence go right through the farm. This is proved by the fact that there are huts on either side of the fence.

Correction: And this is a film mistake because?

Corrected entry: When they are all lined up, Ginger hands Mac the plan for the escape. Mac wrongly reads it and says about going under the fence, then Ginger turns it. Then Mac realises they go over the fence. But Ginger only turned it 90 degrees. If Mac was to read the plan properly, it should have been 180 degrees.

Correction: Mac could have been looking at the chickens as though they were going under (think of them on their bellies). By turning the paper 90 degrees, the chickens would have been standing upright, in a climbing position, therefore going 'over' the fence.

Corrected entry: Its funny that how Mrs Tweedy who says that the chickens "are not organized" can see them all stand in line on role call, and not move a muscle.

keith summers

Correction: This isn't what she means by "organized". She thinks that they just come to the role call out of fear. They don't come together for secret meetings to plan a way to escape.

Corrected entry: After take-off, the chickens fly the 'crate' away from the farmhouse, and even just over the Mrs Tweedy's Chicken Pies sign, yet Mrs Tweedy still manages to enter the farm house via the round window in the farmhouse, and this would have only been possible if a number of about turns were made, which we would have noticed during the action with the axe, etc.

Correction: Why "would it have been noticed"? That would require reference points on the ground, and the 'crate' is flying too fast to register them. It is entirely possible that Fowler - who has never flown before - is circling the farm trying to regain control after Mrs Tweedy's weight was added to the plane, affecting his controls.

Corrected entry: The film takes place in the 1950s, but the song "Flip Flop and Fly" by the Blues Brothers that the chickens play at the dance was not written until 1978.

Correction: Flip Flop and Fly was written by Jesse Stone, under the pseudonym of Charles Calhoun, and Lou Willie Turner in the mid-fifties. The version heard in the film is the original, performed by Ellis Hall.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Babs is helping to make the plane, her scissors have normal steel ends. But when Ginger uses them on the plane, the ends are plastic coated.

Correction: Who says she only has one pair of scissors? One could be a pair stolen by the rats and the other her normal sewing scissors.

Corrected entry: After Rocky collides into the flower bed at the start, the chickens help him in and if you look closely at his chest you can see a faint thumbprint on it.

Correction: We never even see Rocky being brought into the hut in this scene. All that happens is that Mr. Tweedy comes outside to see what happened, and Ginger tells the chickens to get him inside. The next time we see Rocky, he is lying on a bed inside the hut.

Corrected entry: When Nick and Fetcher bring the radio into the pen, it is about as tall as Rocky. Yet later, when he is on the tricycle, it is small enough to put in a little basket. How is this possible?

Correction: The radio on Rocky's tricycle is different to the radio in the hut when they are throwing a party. The big radio is blue, and the other on Rocky's tricycle is white.

Other mistake: Ginger is adamant that she will not approve any plan of escape that does not get all the chickens on the farm out and to freedom. The problem is, not one of her plans gets anywhere close, and it is not that they fail to liberate the whole farm - they are never planned that way. We see her trying to escape by herself three times. The mannequin of Mrs Tweedy would (had it worked) have allowed nine chickens to escape, the upturned feed tray just seven. Even the 'crate' appears to hold not more than thirty chickens - and there must be several hundred on the farm, at least.

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Suggested correction: Can you be sure we see the whole escape plan from start to finish or just one of the phases?


Of course we are sure. The "crate", with thirty six chickens on it, is flown away from the farm and is dismantled. They cannot go back to the farm for the rest of the chickens. Escaping by herself will achieve nothing for anyone except herself, totally contradicting her own principles. The posting is absolutely correct.

I believe the original correction makes sense. For example, we see them attempt to impersonate Mrs. Tweedy. While this would only liberate some of the chickens, we don't know that's the entire plan. It's likely they're trying it to see if it's successful, and if so the rest of the chickens would repeat it until they were all out. Similarly, digging out would leave a tunnel for the rest to use. When Ginger tries alone, she's likely trying to find a way out that she could tell the rest about.

This isn't a chatroom so this will be my last word. The "crate" is a single use, one-off device. The chickens fly it away from the farm, escaping to their island. They cannot go back and there is absolutely no reason to think that they do. Mrs Tweedy is still in residence at the farm and now is forewarned about the ability of the chickens to organise and act intelligently. Even if they wanted to they could not fly back, and Tweedy would be waiting for them if they did. The crate holds thirty eight chickens. That's it. There is no plan in effect that will allow all of the chickens to escape - especially this one - and Ginger makes it clear she will not consider any plan unless it does. The posting is absolutely correct.

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Babs: I don't want to be a pie! I don't like gravy.

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Trivia: As Rocky flies his tricycle over the fence to aid Ginger with the launch ramp, he flashes the European "flipping the bird sign" - index and middle fingers extended - to Mrs. Tweedy.

Brenda Elzin

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Question: I heard that the penguin from Wallace and Gromit appears in the opening scene. Is this true? Could anyone point it out to me?

Answer: Yes, he is in the opening scene.

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