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Corrected entry: Just a spelling mistake. In the film, the dead kid the group find is called 'Ray Brower' and if you want proof, put the film on subtitles. In the DVD of the movie, in the small booklet, where the scene selections are listed for chapter 25 it says 'The rest of Ray Bower.'

Correction: A spelling mistake in the DVD booklet is not a film mistake, not even a minor one.

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Corrected entry: When Gordie climbs up the rope ladder into the tree house, the radio announces that Rockin' Robin is the next song. In the next shot he's already up and relaxing, playing cards with Teddy and Chris, even though the song on their radio hasn't skipped forward.

Correction: This is the same technique used later in the film when the gang is listening to "Lollipop" on the radio, and then when they cut to the boys in the forest it is still playing. The makers wanted a hipper, more 1950's way of music, so the radio broadcaster announces the song, and then it becomes part of the movie's soundtrack. This is intentional artistic license.

Corrected entry: During the campfire, the boys all ask each other random questions. Vern says, "If I could only have one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be cherry flavored Pez." In 1959, Cherry flavored Pez did not exist. The only flavors that existed were the originals: strawberry, grape, orange and lemon.

Correction: Not really a mistake. Perhaps Vern is wishing there WAS a cherry flavored Pez and if there were, he'd eat it for the rest of his life.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: In the scene where the boys are running from the train, River Phoenix calls Teddy "Corey" (the actor's real name). He says "Move it, man, Corey move" while they are running.

Correction: River Phoenix says, "hurry" not "Corey".

Mark English

Corrected entry: For most of the movie, Teddy wears black army boots, but in the scene when they cross the bridge he is wearing white shoes, and its impossible for him to have brought another pair of shoes on the trip, since you can't see him carrying them any other time.

Correction: He isn't wearing white shoes, his boots are covered in dust. Before the train comes they do a close up of his boots and you can see that his boots are covered in a light almost white dust.

Corrected entry: When they find the body it is extremely windy (you can see it in the trees) then suddenly it is not windy anymore.

Correction: Factually the wind would actually stop and start anyway.

Corrected entry: When Vern loses the comb through the tracks and it falls into the river, its obvious there is a wire or a mechanism to pull it out of his pocket because it slides forward really fast when he's barely moving.

Correction: Actually, there was no trick used here. You can see that every movement Jerry O'Connell makes pushes the comb out of his pocket a little further, but with no help from wires or strings.


Corrected entry: When the boys are on the bridge running from the train, the locomotive is making large clouds of smoke. If the engine was really braking as indicated, it would hardly make any smoke at all.

Correction: It's a steam locomotive - and they don't douse the boiler fire when stopping. They would engage the clutch and then the brakes, but putting out that fire would take far, far too long to do any good and would immobilise the train for hours.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Richard Dreyfuss is finished writing his story, he just turns off the computer without saving the file.

Correction: He did this on purpose. After writing his story, he realised it was too special to him to share. Alternatively, he just turned off the monitor.

Corrected entry: In the Lardass Hogan story scene, Lardass pukes up blueberries and so do the other contestants, obviously, because they are scarfing down blueberry pie. But when the whole audience starts puking, everyone is puking up blueberries. Why?

Correction: Because it is just a story, it's the boy's version of what he heard, not an actual fact.

Corrected entry: Both Chris Chambers and Lardass Hogan are show wearing Converse, which were invented in 1966. The movie takes place in 1959.

Correction: Converse was founded in 1908. Converse All-Star basketball shoes came out in 1917 and Chuck Taylors came out in 1932 (although Taylor changed the design of the All-Star before then).


Corrected entry: When Gordie accidentally shoots the garbage cans and he and Chris run away, they are well out of sight before the waitress comes outside. In the next shot Gordie says, "That Tupper babe saw me." First, how does he know who she is, and second, why does he think she's seen him if they were well around the corner?

Correction: He knows who she is because they live in a small town, where most people know each other by sight. And she did not necessarily see him, but Gordie is slightly panicky at this point and deathly afraid that she saw him with the gun, so he is just expressing his fear.


Corrected entry: The Topps baseball card in Denny's room was not available until after the film was set.

Correction: The only baseball card wholly visible in Denny's room is the Mickey Mantle 1958 Topps card. The film is set in 1959. See


Corrected entry: When the boys sit down on the railroad to count their money, some of the boys drop their sleeping rolls and bags down, and in the next shot they put them down again differently.

Correction: Actually Vern and Gordie are the only ones that throw their bags down first. Then when the shot changes Teddy and Chris put their bags down. Watch carefully, there is no mistake.


Corrected entry: When Vern and Gordie and running from the train, Gordie is behind Vern and pushes him off the tracks when they jump at the end. He jumps after Vern, and logically would land on top, but then in the next shot Gordie's landed underneath him.

Correction: Simple explanation. Even if they had jumped onto flat ground, the impact would have made them tumble a little bit, but they jumped onto a steeply inclined hill, which would cause them to roll down it a small distance together, with Gordie ending up underneath Vern.


Corrected entry: In the scene right before the boys come to the railroad bridge, the Chordettes "Lollipop" song is announced on the radio, and the song begins playing. The movie is set in 1959, that particular song is listed as being recorded in 1960.

Correction: The listed recording date is wrong. "Lollipop" was released in 1958, so its inclusion in the movie is appropriate. See for confirmation.

Corrected entry: When Chris shows Gordie his gun he states that it's a colt .45. At the end of the movie, Gordie fires it once, then cocks the hammer for a second shot. A colt .45 should do that automatically.

Correction: Earlier on in the film he also states that the gun is unloaded, and it turns out that it isn't. It's likely that he got the name of the gun wrong as well.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: How does Gordie know what Billy, Charlie and everyone else was doing while he was walking down the railroad? He wasn't there, and I doubt people he hates would just tell him.

Correction: As seen in the end, it is an older Gordie who writes the story. Some things, like the mailbox-baseball, he could have heard about from other residents in Castle Rock, and the rest is him taking some artistic license with what Ace and co. were doing.


Corrected entry: When Gordie faints after finding a leech in his pants, the boys hop over to him with their pants around their ankles, Teddy has his glasses on, which then disappear.

Correction: When the boys hop over to Gordie, Teddy doesn't have glasses on. He never does at any point in the leech scene.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Gordie "notices" the leech on Vern's neck, he was in no position to see it, as he was being held in some sort of neck hold by Vern, with Vern directly behind him. You can see Gordy turns his head to somehow make us believe he can see the leech, but it would have been physically impossible.

Correction: He said that to divert his attention to his neck. If you remember right after Gordie says that, Chris says "no Vern, there IS something on your neck".


Continuity mistake: When the boys are dunking each other in the swamp Gordie starts to wade away, when he passes the camera his hair is dry but when he reaches the bank it's wet again. (01:04:56)

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Mr. LaChance: Why can't you have friends like Denny's?
Gordie: Dad, they're okay.
Mr. LaChance: Sure they are. A thief and two feebs?
Gordie: Chris isn't a thief.
Mr. LaChance: He stole the milk money at school. He's a thief in my book.

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Trivia: The scene with the leeches on Gordie was based on a real life experience that Stephen King had. Mr King has stated that he even has the scar to prove it.

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