Stand By Me

Corrected entry: When the 4 crawl soaking wet from the swamp and pull off the leeches from their bodies, they begin to put their clothes back on. Suddenly, their clothes and themselves are bone dry. (01:04:45)

Correction: Just watched this, it's never revealed how much time had passed. They could have spent an hour waiting for clothes to dry out and Gordie to recover from fainting.

Corrected entry: When Chris shows Gordie his gun he states that it's a colt .45. At the end of the movie, Gordie fires it once, then cocks the hammer for a second shot. A colt .45 should do that automatically.

Correction: Earlier on in the film he also states that the gun is unloaded, and it turns out that it isn't. It's likely that he got the name of the gun wrong as well.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gordie "notices" the leech on Vern's neck, he was in no position to see it, as he was being held in some sort of neck hold by Vern, with Vern directly behind him. You can see Gordy turns his head to somehow make us believe he can see the leech, but it would have been physically impossible.

Correction: He said that to divert his attention to his neck. If you remember right after Gordie says that, Chris says "no Vern, there IS something on your neck".


Continuity mistake: In the beginning he mentions Teddy's left ear being burnt by his father on a stove. Notice how his ear goes from looking severely burnt, to not burnt at all, through the movie. Especially the water dunking scene.

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[Gordie is dreaming about Denny's funeral.]
Mr. LaChance: It should have been you Gordon.

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Trivia: The scene with the leeches on Gordie was based on a real life experience that Stephen King had. Mr King has stated that he even has the scar to prove it.


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Question: What are the sound effects to produce the "strange in scary sound" in Lardass' stomach before he pukes for the first time?

Answer: A cello.

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