Stand By Me

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, where Teddy, Chris, Gordy, and Verne are in the treehouse, Chris and Teddy are playing cards. Chris is wearing a T-shirt with a cigarette package rolled up into his sleeves. Throughout the scene, Chris's cigarette package suddenly disappears.

Correction: the reason why he has no cigarette package in his t-shirt is because he takes one out. you can see that he has a cigarette that hasn't been used yet in his mouth and his shirt is all wrinkled from where he has rolled it up. :).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Chris first shows Gordie the gun he took from his father, the gun is silver, but at the end of the film where Gordie is threatening Ace with it, the gun is black.

Correction: The gun is black from the beginning.


Corrected entry: When the 4 crawl soaking wet from the swamp and pull off the leeches from their bodies, they begin to put their clothes back on. Suddenly, their clothes and themselves are bone dry. (01:04:45)

Correction: Just watched this, it's never revealed how much time had passed. They could have spent an hour waiting for clothes to dry out and Gordie to recover from fainting.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning he mentions Teddy's left ear being burnt by his father on a stove. Notice how his ear goes from looking severely burnt, to not burnt at all, through the movie. Especially the water dunking scene.

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Mr. LaChance: Why can't you have friends like Denny's?
Gordie: Dad, they're okay.
Mr. LaChance: Sure they are. A thief and two feebs?
Gordie: Chris isn't a thief.
Mr. LaChance: He stole the milk money at school. He's a thief in my book.

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Trivia: While filming the scene in which Ace takes Gordie's Yankees cap, Kiefer Sutherland's first instinct was to put it on, rather than hand it to Eyeball Chambers.

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Question: What does Teddy mean when he says to Vern "did your mother have any kids who lived?"

Answer: Teddy's making a joking but also insulting remark to Vern. He has a rather low opinion of his capabilities and intelligence.

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