Mark English

3rd May 2005

Friends (1994)

The One With The Yeti - S5-E6

Corrected entry: When Emily calls Ross at the end of the show and asks to be put on speaker phone, Ross agrees but he hangs up the phone, then presses the speaker phone button. You must turn on the speaker phone option before setting down the phone. Emily and the gang should not have been able to speak to each other because Ross hung up on her.

Mark English

Correction: As she called him, the line would stay connected until she hung up (I work in telecommunications), had he called her, he would have indeed hung up on her.

The Bully / Just One Bite - S2-E17

Corrected entry: Spongebob can be hurt despite his spongeness. He has had his legs shoved through the top of his body after sand surfing with Sandy. He got a black eye from Patrick right before getting into the Salty Spitoon. He broke his butt. Sandy constantly beats him up in karate. He has fallen down stairs, rocks and cliffs and says, "Ow". So why can't Flats kick Spongebob's butt?

Mark English

Correction: It's a joke.

Show generally

Corrected entry: The location of the Krusty Krab or Spongebob's house must change often, as Spongebob often leaves his home and goes to the right or to the left to go to work, also the distance between them also changes.

Mark English

Correction: We can't see the Krusty Krab from his house, maybe he just likes to take different routes on different days.

Corrected entry: According to the Bible Moses' brother Aaron did most of the speaking before the Pharaoh as Moses claimed he could not speak well. Aaron also performed some of acts that caused the early plagues, such as the water to blood. Aaron believed in Moses, he did not doubt him.

Mark English

Correction: According to the Bible, yes. But film-makers are allowed artistic licence.

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