10th Mar 2011

Bones (2005)

The Bikini in the Soup - S6-E14

Corrected entry: At the very end when Brennen brings the machine guns to Booth at the shooting range, Brennen puts on ear protection, but Booth does not, and he starts shooting. This would never happen. Booth, as an FBI agent who frequents the range, knows that one rule of any shooting range is that you must wear ear protection.


Correction: There is no mistake. You can see he's wearing ear plugs when he's firing his pistol. He never takes them out, so there's no need to put them back in.


16th May 2007

CSI: Miami (2002)

Correction: I have the DVD, in addition to a digital version of this episode. Natalia's mouth is perfectly in-sync with the words she says in both my versions.

30th Mar 2009

Grey's Anatomy (2005)

Elevator Love Letter - S5-E19

Corrected entry: When Dr Shepphard walks into the OR to start the brain surgery on Izzy, after already scrubbing, he touches his forehead and surgical cap. He would not have done this as he would then contaminate himself, forcing him to re-scrub.


Correction: True but this is not a mistake of the show. Human flaws and lapses in judgement (such as a surgeon absentmindedly touching their forehead) are not movie/show mistakes. This probably happens in real life more than anyone could know, and much worse things happen in an OR as well.


8th Mar 2006

Lost (2004)

Maternity Leave - S2-E15

Corrected entry: Ethan is inserting a needle into Claire's abdomen, a needle that large inserted into the amniotic sac at that late in a pregnancy would rupture the sac and the baby would have to be delivered. We know that Claire didn't deliver for 2 weeks after she was returned to the beach.


Correction: We're only seeing Claire's memories of what happened. It is quite evident she was drugged the whole time, so some details can be off.

And as a memory, things can be exaggerated.

Ssiscool Premium member

19th Dec 2009

Bones (2005)

Correction: In the episode "The Woman in Limbo" (which ran AFTER the episode in this entry) Bones state, "I think I just became a vegetarian." This is after she tests the device used to kill pigs that Vince McVicker uses to kill his victims.

25th Apr 2007

Medium (2005)

Show generally

Corrected entry: In the episode "Whatever Possessed You?" Colleen's doctor tells the district attorney that her sickness doesn't follow the guidelines of normal schizophrenia in that the normal medicines don't help. This gives Allison and DeValas an opening to investigate what is causing her to be ill. Why would she give them such important information when she is in on the ruse?


Correction: The family would probably have found out that the schizophrenia didn't follow the normal guidelines, as they would have tried to find information about the disease when Colleen got ill. Even if they didn't they would have registered that none of the medicine helped. As Devalos is a friend of the family and they might have told him, the doctor probably found that it was best just to tell him herself, so it wouldn't seem like she was hiding something.


30th Apr 2009

The Mentalist (2008)

Red Sauce - S1-E20

Corrected entry: When the CBI breaks in the door to Gina's house they kick the door in and break the doorjamb. When the Federal Marshals come in they also kick the door in and break the door again.


Correction: The CBI kicked in the front door. The Marshals came in the back door.

scaryterri Premium member

5th Mar 2009

Lost (2004)

Correction: It has been established in previous episodes that Walt "sees" things and knows things that no one else does. He could have simply seen the name Jeremy Bentham" in a dream or vision.


Angel of Death - S4-E24

Corrected entry: When La Grenouille is in the plane looking at the photos of Tony and Dr. Jeanne Benoit, he questions his associate as they discuss hurting her to get to Tony. At the end, we discover that La Grenouille is Jeanne's father. It doesn't make sense that he would sit there calmly while someone threatens his daughter.


Correction: He is an international terroist who wants dirt on NCIS and needs someone to blackmail. He knows the guy wont really hurt his daughter but just enough to try and get Tony to work for him.

16th Feb 2006

Friends (1994)

Show generally

Corrected entry: Matthew Perry was so famous for missing his mark while taping that he developed the backward slide that you see him do in almost every show. He would come bounding into his scene slide backwards looking down for his mark and then hit it. (Per the tour guide at Warner Brothers Studio).


29th Feb 2008

CSI: Miami (2002)

Season 6 generally

Corrected entry: In Episode 6-6 "Sunblock": When the solar eclipse is happening you see everyone looking up at it. Everyone knows you can't look at the sun during a total eclipse.


Correction: There are lots of thing we are not suppose to do, that we do, even though we know they are bad for us. Also I am sure there are some people who do not know it is dangerous to do that.


Correction: The model the deliveryman leaves on Gils desk is the scene of the Doctor who was killed by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with the device in the fire, The model that Natalie ledt was the scene of the car on top of Sara so not an error.

Steven Gee

21st Dec 2007

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Corrected entry: In the marriage scene you see Louis put her ring on the third finger of her left hand. When they are dancing the ring is now on the middle finger of the left hand.


Correction: Time has passed and she had plenty of time to switch it to another finger, for example if the ring was too large for her ring finger.


Show generally

Corrected entry: In episode 8-3, "Go to Hell": When Warrick and Nick are in the reverend's apartment and slice open the ironing board, Rick pulls back the cover and tape VI is lying beside the ditch furrowed out for the tapes to sit in. When the shot changes, it is in the ditch.


Correction: Not so, just watched the scene and all four tapes are side by side in the hollowed out portion of the ironing board. Tape I and IV's labels are on the left sides of the cases, while II and III are marked on the right. There is a fifth tape (with the red label) visible outside the "ditch" but neither it, nor any other tape, changes position during the scene.


27th Mar 2007

Cold Case (2003)

Correction: Character flaw. Poor recollection of an event forty years in the past. No one said it was a good alibi.

JC Fernandez

A La Cart - S8-E2

Corrected entry: When one of the kitties was telling of what happened with Hux, the scene shows him leaning his head on her shoulder her moving and him falling on the floor and the waiter rushing over and pressing the panic button. When the waiter is interviewed, he claims he found Hux slumped over the table and then checked for a pulse. He was already on the floor by the time the waiter arrived.


Correction: The waiter obviously lies, as he's the one who killed him. He wanted to make it sound like a heart attack.


27th May 2007

Numb3rs (2005)

The Janus List - S3-E24

Corrected entry: In the beginning when they were talking about shutting off the cell phone service to stop the bombs from being detonated, they say "too bad we don't know what cellphone carrier he is using we can block the signal from the tower". When a major bridge is filled with explosives, wouldn't it make more sense to just block ALL the towers regardless of the carrier to be safe?


Correction: David says that the jammer doesn't have the range to block the signal from the truck. He said he needs to find out the carrier so that he/they can shut down "a whole grid of towers", which is what they did.

Correction: By definition, lace gloves do not offer full coverage of the hand and fingers. Heather would have left easily-identifiable partial prints all over.


Caretaker (1) - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the wave hits the ship, Janeway's hair goes from being a curly up-do to being a mess after the wave hits to being back up in a plain up do when she enters engineering. She wouldn't have stopped to re-do her hair in the middle of the catastrophe.


Correction: She didn't stop to put her hair back. Just as she rounds the corner in the corridor before passing the doors to engineering she has her hands to her head, obviously fixing her hair as she walks.

Correction: She wouldn't have to stop to put her hair back up. My girlfriend frequently puts her hair up while walking or driving and doesn't lose any time at all.

28th May 2007

Lost (2004)

Correction: Actors appearing in other shows and/or movies is quite common, and is not really trivia.


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