17th Jul 2007

Days of Our Lives (1965)

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Corrected entry: Shawn Brady enters the church in Gallway, Ireland where Colleen Brady (his sister) was a novice on the show on 7/18/07. After dipping his fingers in the holy water, he crosses himself like an Orthodox Christian, not a Catholic. Orthodox Christians cross themselves with the three fingers of their right hand together and after touching their head and chest they touch their right shoulder first and then their left. This is very odd, since Shawn would never do this as an Irish Catholic.

Correction: I'm roman catholic of Irish decent also and this is the way I was taught to bless myself since birth and how I bless myself to this day.


19th Jun 2007

The Golden Girls (1985)

Foreign Exchange - S4-E24

Corrected entry: In this episode, Dorothy is said to have been born in a hospital. But in another episode Sophia says she was born on a card table at Sal's lodge.

Correction: Sophia is always making smart alec comments. You can't always take her seriously


Correction: The stair cases move, it's possible that the banister will wobble.


19th Oct 2006

Lost (2004)

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Corrected entry: The distance to the hatch constantly changes throughout the series. First it takes Boone and Locke a whole day to find it, after this however it seems to take characters nothing longer than maybe half an hour, as the time of day does not seem to change.

Correction: It possible that they found a shorter route to the hatch while they were learning the lay of the island.


14th Mar 2006

Closer (2004)

Corrected entry: When Julia Roberts character is taking pictures of Natalie Portman you notice that there isn't any studio lighting (i.e. flash) to light the photo. First, any professional photographer taking a portrait needs some kind of lighting in the studio. Second, when we see the photo of Natalie in the gallery at the opening, you can see two white spots in Natalie's eyes, which shows that a flash was used in taking the picture.

Correction: Not true, the windows in the studio that Anna was using would allow ample light, if you recall they weren't using lights when she was taking the portraits of Daniel either. Natural light gives a much nicer more natural looking portrait. As for the lights in Alice's eyes, they also could have been from the windows.


A Matter of Time - S5-E9

Corrected entry: When Data is listening to all the classical music in his room, he says he tries to keep the number of songs to "four or less." Data, who has perfect grammar, should have said "four or fewer."

Correction: Data has always longed to be more human. In his efforts he speaks more like humans with the exception of not using contractions. No human would ever say four or fewer.


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