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Corrected entry: When Julia Roberts character is taking pictures of Natalie Portman you notice that there isn't any studio lighting (i.e. flash) to light the photo. First, any professional photographer taking a portrait needs some kind of lighting in the studio. Second, when we see the photo of Natalie in the gallery at the opening, you can see two white spots in Natalie's eyes, which shows that a flash was used in taking the picture.

Correction: Not true, the windows in the studio that Anna was using would allow ample light, if you recall they weren't using lights when she was taking the portraits of Daniel either. Natural light gives a much nicer more natural looking portrait. As for the lights in Alice's eyes, they also could have been from the windows.


Corrected entry: In the hospital, Natalie Portman would have had to given her name so she could be called in. However Jude Law was with her all the time and he doesn't find out her name until they were walking through the memorial gardens (when she gives the fake name).

Correction: She could have easily spoke with the triage nurse in private (which is routine in any hospital I've been to). When she was ready to be seen, the triage nurse could have just motioned to her, or gone up to her and said something like "You can be seen now."

Corrected entry: In the hospital, Natalie Portman's right leg (only) is bloody and injured. In the next scene when she walks out of the hospital with Jude Law, her left leg is bandaged.

Correction: It IS her left leg that was bleeding - Dan was putting her left leg onto the chair.

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Larry: There's a girl out there who calls herself Venus, what's her real name?
Alice: Pluto.



When Alice asks Dan to make her some tea (after he tells her about him and Anna), he walks into the kitchen for just a moment, and comes back to find her gone. He also doesn't see her as he runs downstairs and looks outside. She couldn't have quietly gone down the stairs and out of the building in the short moment that Dan was in the kitchen. If she had moved quickly, there should have been a lot noise from her footsteps.