17th Sep 2005

Fever Pitch (2005)

Corrected entry: In the very beginning Ben takes the kids in his class to meet Lindsey and in the car he's listening to The Dennis and Callahan Show, which is on AM in Boston (WEEI). When the boy in the front seat changes the station, it goes to what is obviously an FM stereo music channel.

Correction: It is quite possible to go from an AM station to an FM station in a click of a button. Not a mistake.


29th Jun 2005

South Park (1997)

Best Friends Forever - S9-E4

Corrected entry: How can Kenny afford a PSP? He is dirt poor and his family is constantly on welfare.

Correction: Maybe the PSP, or the money for it, was a gift from a relative. Maybe Kenny's parents had extra money for some reason (i.e. gift, or winning a few hundred dollars from a lottery ticket). Maybe a store was offering a payment plan.

Correction: Not a error, lots of people on welfare have some nice things.


18th May 2005

Joey (2004)

Joey and the Dream Girl (1) - S1-E8

Corrected entry: When Michael and Joey are watching the tape with Michael playing baseball, Michael is holding the bat as he is right-handed. But when they are at the baseball-range, he is holding the bat as he is left-handed.


Correction: His character could be a switch hitter - Many people, myself included are able to bat left or right handed.


1st Apr 2005

Friends (1994)

Show generally

Corrected entry: Over time, the fooz ball table in Chandler and Joey's apartment has a glass top. In some episodes, there is a glass top and items are set on top of the table, such as mail - or they even eat meals on it. In other episodes, there is no glass top and they reach into the table to retrieve the ball, move the players, etc.

Correction: It is a removable piece of glass/plastic that allows them to use the table as needed, either as a regular table or to play.


Corrected entry: When Pam and Greg announce that they want to move the wedding to June, Pam says directly after that "I've always wanted a spring wedding". June is a summer month (Spring is March, April, May).

Correction: Actually the first day of summer is June 21st, so most of June is actually spring.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Ben Stiller is being attacked by the dog at Cameron Diaz's house, all the blinds in the room are shut. However, in the next shot the dog jumps through an open window.

Correction: The wall actually has two sets of windows, 4 total, the blinds are shut in one set and in the other set they remain open throughout the scene.


Corrected entry: When Daphne and Ian fall out of the boat and climb back in, in the closeups before and during the kiss they switch places.

Correction: They do not change places - the camera just switches back and forth between them.


29th Jul 2004

Pleasantville (1998)

Corrected entry: When the mayor is talking to the men in the bowling alley, directly above his head is the score sheet. For the very top name the score has not been tallied in a couple frames but all of the other names have been tallied.

Correction: This is because the last two balls he threw were strikes, denoted by the X, in bowling you do not score strikes until you have thrown 2 more balls. The scoring is correct as shown.


Corrected entry: While Boolie is discussing the accident with another guy there is a rather large, undefined shadow covering part of the frame on the right side. (00:02:55)


Correction: The large shadow is part of the tow truck. You can see it in a earlier scene, with the two men standing in the same position.


Corrected entry: On their first shopping tour Hoke stops the car in front of a huge coke ad on the wall. When he gets out of the car the coke ad is gone and there are two small posters instead. (00:20:25)


Correction: The two small posters are on the building next door, the coke sign is on the Piggly Wiggly. The car is facing the Piggly Wiggly.


Corrected entry: In a scene where Mr. Rooney is hunched over the sink in Ferris's home, the seat of his pants and the back of his sport coat are split. Yet at the end of the movie when he his loading the bus, both are intact.

Correction: His suit and pants are still split when you see him step into the bus - the split is very visible.


Corrected entry: When Jack goes to tell his father that he doesn't want to take over the family business, he brings him donuts. According to the time frame of the film, it's just after New Years, but the donut box has colored leaves on the outside, suggesting it was bought in the fall.

Correction: Not really. It is May and I just bought a Coke with a Santa on it. A donut shop might just use their fall boxes right through to the next spring.


Corrected entry: When Austin was with Ivana Humpalot he rips open his shirt and snaps his necklace but in the next scene it's back together.

Correction: She doesn't snap his necklace. It just gets shoved to the side unbroken.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin and Ivona are "playing" chess the viewer can see when she is holding one of the chess pieces that her nails are not painted. But later on when she has another piece, her finger nails are painted red. They stay red for the rest of the scene.

Correction: The unpainted nails are Austin's, you can tell by the shape.


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