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Corrected entry: The whole day's time sequence is terribly out of whack. For instance, when Rooney is wiping his face off after being spat on by the "Karate Champ" girl in the pizza joint, Ferris catches a fly ball. Harry Caray's play-by-play call can be heard in the background. He's calls the name "Lee Smith," indicating Lee Smith was on the mound for the Cubs. Lee Smith was a closer and likely would not be in the game until the 9th inning. Most day games at Wrigley start at 1:20 and last at least 2 hours. Therefore, the time would be about 3:30 PM when Ferris caught the fly ball. After that, he had time to make it back down to the Loop for a parade (presumably by elevated train), pick up the car, get back up to the North Shore (probably a decent 30 minute ride) take a dip in the pool, save Cameron's life, and race home to be in bed by the time his parent arrived home (6:00 sharp if you'll recall the father's lines at the beginning.) That's bad continuity. Aside from that, prior to the game, they dined at Chez Quis and went to the Museum (South Loop area).

Correction: While the ballgame used in the film was real, it wasn't meant to represent a real game, it's still a fictional ballgame that was being played for the first time. So Smith could have been in early. Pointing this out as a mistake would be like pointing out that Abe Froman never had reservations at Chez Quis that day.


Correction: Actually, the game was intended to be the June 5, 1985 game between Chicago and Atlanta, which started at 1:25pm, ran 3 hours and 9 minutes and ended at 4:34pm in a 4-2, 11-inning loss by the Cubs. Smith closed the game. All of which makes the timeline even more crazy - between 4:35 and 5:55 (just under 90 minutes) they caught a Red Line train downtown (the ride alone would have eaten up 20 minutes, minimum), then walked to the AI at Michigan Avenue, walked around, then picked up the car and started heading north (again, a 30 minute drive from downtown, more in rush hour, and they would have been driving in rush hour), stopping for at least one detour along the way.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Ferris' mother is examining her sick son and says to Mr. Bueller, "He doesn't have a fever, but his hands are cold and clammy and he says he's seeing spots." At the end of the movie, when Ferris narrowly beats his parents home and they enter his bedroom, Mrs. Bueller again touches her son's forehead and says, "You're still warm." I thought he didn't have a fever.

Correction: She assumes it's from the illness running it's course through the day, She assumes that in the morning he wasn't feverish yet, then the fever came as the sickness progressed over the day, and this is the tail end as he recovers.


Corrected entry: The movie supposedly takes place in April, however based on Chicago's climate, it is quite clear that the actual filming was conducted well into the summer months based on how full and leafy all the trees are, not to mention the ivy on the outfield wall at Wrigley Field which does not become fully developed with leaves until late May at the earliest.

Correction: Do they specifically state the month in the movie? Also, this is Chicago, what with all the snow days they have any given year, it's conceivable the make-up days have pushed Graduation and things back an entire month.


Correction: Given the baseball game they went to, the movie took place on June 5.

Greg Dwyer

The baseball game was obviously staged for the film.

The baseball game was definitely not staged for the film. The baseball scenes were filmed during a real Cubs game in September (when filming took place). John Hughes added footage from the earlier June game during editing to make it appear they attended the June game.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the nurse tells Sloan in the hallway about her grandmother's passing, if you look past them, you can see Jeanie standing at the very end of the hall. Evidently she is waiting for the scene that shows the camera moving in on her later in the movie.

Correction: When Sloane and the nurse enter the hallway you can that there is a person sitting in a chair at the end of the hall, but the view is too small and out of focus to identify the person. You can however tell that the person has bare legs, so is wearing shorts or a skirt, and Jeanie is wearing black pants, so it can't be her.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film Ferris introduces himself to two bikini clad woman sunbathing in their garden. The setting sun and long shadows show it is late afternoon or early evening. Ferris is wearing a heavy jacket so it is not an especially warm day, and both women are in heavy shadow! They aren't going to get much of a tan.


Correction: It is entirely possible that the day was warm enough to enjoy some time in the garden, and that the two women are making the most of what little time they had to sit in the sun. The sun moved, they didn't bother.

Corrected entry: Near the end, there's a huge parade in downtown Chicago. There's no explanation of what the parade is for or why it's being held in the middle of a school week. Despite that, people are there watching it with their kids who, like Ferris and his friends, should be in school.

raywest Premium member

Correction: First off, it's made very clear it's the Steuben Parade (a very popular German-American parade held in Chicago in September). While there is no "explanation" in the movie, parades are held in the middle of the week for various reasons, such as bad weather on the scheduled day, etc.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ferris is dancing and lip-syncing to "Twist and Shout", there is a cop wearing a blue jacket from the street view, and then he's not wearing it in the next shot from an aerial view.

Correction: There is no error matching your description in the scene. There is a shot of one cop in a blue jacket, but he doesn't appear visibly in any aerial shots. Unless you can provide a screen shot or specific time, this is not a valid error. Additionally, plenty of time passes between street shots and aerial shots with the various close-up shots, if said man exist, he has time to take his jacket off.


Corrected entry: When the gang pulls into the garage, Cameron is shown wearing his sleeves up. In the next shot they are rolled all the way down.

Correction: On the drive to the garage and in the garage, Cameron's sleeves are never rolled up to begin with.


Corrected entry: Jeanie doesn't undo her seatbelt before she jumps out of the station wagon. And additionally in one shot of the car parked - the seatbelt is slammed in the door of the car and hanging out but when they cut back to the car seconds later, the seatbelt is gone.

Correction: While we see her wearing the seatbelt on the way home, she is pulled over by cops. After that we don't see a shot of her until she jumps out of the car. Plenty of time passes for her to undo her seatbelt before pulling into the driveway (and we don't even know if she was wearing it after being let go by the cops).


Corrected entry: When Ferris is kicking his shoes off at the end of the movie before jumping back into bed, he kicks his right shoe off and then he kicks the same shoe off again.

Correction: The camera never cuts away from the removing the shoes scene. We see him remove the right shoe (with his left foot) and then remove the left shoe (with his right foot).


Corrected entry: When Ferris is about to jump in the pool to save Cameron there is a cookie floating in the water. As he jumps in it disappears.

Correction: After watching the scene twice, and even pausing it, there is no cookie floating in the pool to begin with, or even anything resembling a cookie, at any time.


Corrected entry: When Jeanie is racing to beat Ferris home, a cop chases Jeanie and eventually Jeanie pulls over. Later, Mom says that Jeanie got a speeding ticket. It is unlikely that Jeanie would have gotten home before Ferris or Dad after pulling over and getting a speeding ticket(s), yet somehow Jeanie gets home first.

Correction: This is easily explainable: Ferris was on foot cutting through yards, someone's house, and bounding over a fence. Ferris' dad, however, was stuck behind the slow, swerving old lady, and Jeanie could have been very close to the house when she was stopped since it's unclear how long she was speeding before that.


Corrected entry: When there is a commotion in Rooney's office and Grace is on the phone a green binder appears on Rooney's desk. It was not there before.

Correction: Grace puts there during the commotion.

Corrected entry: The school used in the film is the same school used in 'The Breakfast Club'.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: FBDO was filmed at Glenbrook High School, The Breakfast Club was filmed at Maine North HS (closed at the time of the filming).

Corrected entry: When Ferris rings Rooney to asks if his sister can bring any work assignments home, he's speaking with a healthy, cheerful voice. Seems weird that someone as smart as Ferris completely forgets that he is meant to be sick that day, especially when he is speaking to the Dean.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: He didn't forget at all, he knows full well he's not getting anything past Rooney. Ferris is completely aware that Rooney knows Ferris is faking and Ferris is rubbing it in.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Jeannie kicks the principal in the face three times and doesn't recognize him. It's clear from an earlier scene that she is a regular complainer at his office.


Correction: She's hardly expecting to see her school principal, who by now is a disheveled mess, to be in her house, crawling on the floor. She's terrified, thinking Rooney's a burglar, and after kicking him, she runs off in a panic without ever looking directly at his face.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Ferris and Cameron are taking his dad's Ferrari out to pick up Sloan there is a very old green classic car in the background of the garage. Later in the movie when they return it is missing. It isn't very likely that sometime during the day Mr. Fry returned home from work to take it out for a drive without noticing the Ferrari which he never drives is missing.

Correction: The other classic car is still in the garage when they return. You can briefly see the shadow of its windshield. They just don't pan in on it during the scenes when they have returned to the garage.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ferris jumps into the pool to save Cameron, you see the white chair before he jumps into the water. The chair gets knocked into the water and you can see it floating from beneath the water's surface. When Ferris drags Cameron out, you can see that the chair is gone, not floating or on land.

Correction: Cameron jumps in at the deep end of the pool. When Ferris drags him out, they are at the shallow end of the pool (the opposite side) because he pulls him to the steps. Even when they start splashing with Sloan, they remain at the shallow end through the rest of that scene. The camera just doesn't pan out enough to show the chair or anything else at the other end of the pool.

Corrected entry: The timing on the doorbell message at Ferris' house changes between the first time and the second time it is heard.


Correction: In order for the Doorbell Tape to work, he would have recorded the same message clips over and over again on the same tape, as no rewind feature would be available without someone there to rewind it manually. Since he recorded it more than once on the same tape, the next series of clips you hear should differ slightly as we hear, due in part to the fact that it's not the same clip as heard earlier. As such, continuity is not a factor, and no mistake is made.


Corrected entry: When they are all driving in downtown Chicago, Ferris is not staying within the lines of the street at all, he's about 1/3 into the next lane to the left, yet none of the other cars seem to mind.

Correction: Cars don't have feelings, so of course they don't mind. If you mean the drivers, the scene is not that long, and we cannot make out their faces enough to see if they are agitated at Ferris' bad driving or not.


Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning of the movie there is a brief scene around the empty house. While the camera is in the kitchen you can see a reflection of one of the set guys moving in the fridge handle.

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