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Corrected entry: When Ferris calls Cameron, he is lying in bed. The phone rings and he says "I'm dying." Then he answers the phone and Ferris says "you're not dying, you just can't think of anything to do." Cameron had not answered the phone yet, so there is no way that Ferris could have heard him say that he was dying.

Correction: This is done intentionally to show Ferris knows Cameron so well he knows what he's thinking.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Ferris' parents come home you see their foyer by the front door loaded with get well flowers and balloons, etc. Who accepted the deliveries if no one was home all day? Rooney wasn't around long enough to have brough ALL those flowers and gifts inside. Also, as much as he despises Ferris, I'm sure he would rather see them on the front porch to wilt. The only reason he signed for the first one was because he just happened to be standing on the front porch when the deliveryman arrived.

Correction: You can see his sister accepting the "get-well messages" (like the "nurse" singing), so we can assume that she collected the flowers as well.

Correction: And/or a neighbor/friend with a spare key, one of many people in Ferris' thrall enough to visit and see to all those packages?


Corrected entry: At the end of the film Ferris introduces himself to two bikini clad woman sunbathing in their garden. The setting sun and long shadows show it is late afternoon or early evening. Ferris is wearing a heavy jacket so it is not an especially warm day, and both women are in heavy shadow! They aren't going to get much of a tan.


Correction: It is entirely possible that the day was warm enough to enjoy some time in the garden, and that the two women are making the most of what little time they had to sit in the sun. The sun moved, they didn't bother.

Corrected entry: When Ed Rooney calls Ferris' mother at work to tell her that about his absenteeism, in the part of the scene where the kids are in the hallway, if you look at the clock, it says it is 1:40pm. There is no way it could be 1:40pm in the afternoon, since it is supposed to be early in the school-day.

Correction: Or the clock is broken. My school had a hallway clock that showed the same time for over two years before it was fixed.


Corrected entry: Near the end, there's a huge parade in downtown Chicago. There's no explanation of what the parade is for or why it's being held in the middle of a school week. Despite that, people are there watching it with their kids who, like Ferris and his friends, should be in school.

raywest Premium member

Correction: First off, it's made very clear it's the Steuben Parade (a very popular German-American parade held in Chicago in September). While there is no "explanation" in the movie, parades are held in the middle of the week for various reasons, such as bad weather on the scheduled day, etc.


Corrected entry: Jeanie doesn't undo her seatbelt before she jumps out of the station wagon. And additionally in one shot of the car parked - the seatbelt is slammed in the door of the car and hanging out but when they cut back to the car seconds later, the seatbelt is gone.

Correction: While we see her wearing the seatbelt on the way home, she is pulled over by cops. After that we don't see a shot of her until she jumps out of the car. Plenty of time passes for her to undo her seatbelt before pulling into the driveway (and we don't even know if she was wearing it after being let go by the cops).


Corrected entry: When Jeanie is racing to beat Ferris home, a cop chases Jeanie and eventually Jeanie pulls over. Later, Mom says that Jeanie got a speeding ticket. It is unlikely that Jeanie would have gotten home before Ferris or Dad after pulling over and getting a speeding ticket(s), yet somehow Jeanie gets home first.

Correction: This is easily explainable: Ferris was on foot cutting through yards, someone's house, and bounding over a fence. Ferris' dad, however, was stuck behind the slow, swerving old lady, and Jeanie could have been very close to the house when she was stopped since it's unclear how long she was speeding before that.


Corrected entry: When there is a commotion in Rooney's office and Grace is on the phone a green binder appears on Rooney's desk. It was not there before.

Correction: Grace puts there during the commotion.

Corrected entry: When Ferris rings Rooney to asks if his sister can bring any work assignments home, he's speaking with a healthy, cheerful voice. Seems weird that someone as smart as Ferris completely forgets that he is meant to be sick that day, especially when he is speaking to the Dean.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: He didn't forget at all, he knows full well he's not getting anything past Rooney. Ferris is completely aware that Rooney knows Ferris is faking and Ferris is rubbing it in.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Ferris and Cameron are taking his dad's Ferrari out to pick up Sloan there is a very old green classic car in the background of the garage. Later in the movie when they return it is missing. It isn't very likely that sometime during the day Mr. Fry returned home from work to take it out for a drive without noticing the Ferrari which he never drives is missing.

Correction: The other classic car is still in the garage when they return. You can briefly see the shadow of its windshield. They just don't pan in on it during the scenes when they have returned to the garage.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ferris jumps into the pool to save Cameron, you see the white chair before he jumps into the water. The chair gets knocked into the water and you can see it floating from beneath the water's surface. When Ferris drags Cameron out, you can see that the chair is gone, not floating or on land.

Correction: Cameron jumps in at the deep end of the pool. When Ferris drags him out, they are at the shallow end of the pool (the opposite side) because he pulls him to the steps. Even when they start splashing with Sloan, they remain at the shallow end through the rest of that scene. The camera just doesn't pan out enough to show the chair or anything else at the other end of the pool.

Corrected entry: The timing on the doorbell message at Ferris' house changes between the first time and the second time it is heard.


Correction: In order for the Doorbell Tape to work, he would have recorded the same message clips over and over again on the same tape, as no rewind feature would be available without someone there to rewind it manually. Since he recorded it more than once on the same tape, the next series of clips you hear should differ slightly as we hear, due in part to the fact that it's not the same clip as heard earlier. As such, continuity is not a factor, and no mistake is made.


Corrected entry: When they are all driving in downtown Chicago, Ferris is not staying within the lines of the street at all, he's about 1/3 into the next lane to the left, yet none of the other cars seem to mind.

Correction: Cars don't have feelings, so of course they don't mind. If you mean the drivers, the scene is not that long, and we cannot make out their faces enough to see if they are agitated at Ferris' bad driving or not.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, the Ferrari is lifted up on a jack and is running in reverse to "take off the miles." In the next scene you see the wheel, but it is spinning so that the car would be going forward, not in reverse.

Correction: Just as the wheels of a speeding car in a car commercial appear to be spinning backwards, so do the wheels of a reversing car appear to be running forward. This is an anomoly caused by the relative speed of the wheels vs. that of the film and, to date, no one has found a way to alleviate it. The filmmakers here would have been better off letting the wheels spin forward - then they would have looked like they were going backward.

Correction: Not an audio problem, just a case of stuttering on her part while trying to formulate her thought. It happens to most people at one time or another.


Corrected entry: When Ed Rooney presses the phone button to take Ferris' call he says nothing but Ferris speaks right up to ask him to get his sister to get his homework assignments. How did Ferris know Rooney was on the phone?

Leonard Hassen

Correction: Ferris would have been put on hold, so was most likely having to listen to music. When Rooney pressed the appropriate phone button, Ferris would be taken off hold - the music would have stopped, so Ferris would know that somebody was now listening - as he'd presumably asked to speak to Rooney, he simply assumed, correctly, that that was who he was speaking to.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where they take off after picking up Sloan in the parking lot, Ferris revs the engine (quite noticeable) and suddenly is on the street outside the lot. That must have been one sharp turn.

Correction: I've watched for this twice, and after Ferris revs the engine, the first shot of him driving off shows him still in the parking lot. There's no mistake here.

Corrected entry: The film takes place in April in Chicago. This is not the ideal swimming time of the year with average daytime highs in the low to mid 50's with high winds.

Correction: At the beginning of the movie, the radio weatherman comments about what a beautiful day it is, with highs expected in the mid-to-high 70's. The temperature is already 75 although it is probably around 7 in the morning.

Corrected entry: If Cameron's dad is suspicious enough of Cameron to note the mileage when he leaves, why doesn't he just take the keys when he leaves, or just hide them?

Correction: From what Cameron says about his dad, he's a macho, confident guy. The fact that Cameron has never touched the car before, and the amount of resistance he puts up to Ferris is proof that his dad had just about every right to be confident his son would never dare take the car.


Corrected entry: When Ferris and his friends are at the fancy restaurant where his father is eating. They notice him waiting for a cab and freak out and sneak into the cab right before Ferris' father. Why not just wait inside for a minute until he leaves?

Correction: Ferris is confident and daring to the point of absurdity. Several hours later he appears on a parade float, in the view of thousands. To him, sneaking into a cab under his father's nose is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Correction: Knowing Ferris, he may very well be skipping out on the check, and must get off the premises ASAP anyway (and can't bribe a waiter to smuggle him and company out the back). Therefore, there is danger for him either way, and this is the lesser risk.


Visible crew/equipment: When Ferris, Sloan, and Cameron pick up the Ferrari at the parking garage you can see the camera and its reflection in the window directly behind Ferris and Cameron.

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Ferris: Pardon my French, but Cameron is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond.

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Trivia: Throughout the movie, many different characters either sing or hum the song "Danke Schoen". Ferris sings it in the shower, Mr. Rooney hums it while he is waiting at Bueller's front door, Jeanie sings it while running down the stairs after kissing Charlie Sheen, and Ferris sings it again during the parade.

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Question: What did Rooney mean when he told Grace to "go soak your head"?

Answer: It's an old insult, somewhat equivalent to 'buzz off'.

Brian Katcher

Answer: The other answer (about buzzing off) is correct, but the phrase has multiple definitions. It can also mean that someone doesn't know what they're talking about, or a person who is extremely frustrated and unable to express themselves calmly or coherently need to cool off.

raywest Premium member

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