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Corrected entry: When the Ferrari is driven through the window, it is the only window on that wall without a 4-5" high frame along the floor. Various views of the wall show the surrounding windows having it; it was most likely removed to prevent the car from being obstructed in its fall.

Correction: We don't know if there was supposed to be a frame there, so we can't make the assumption that it was removed for the movie. Perhaps there was not supposed to be a frame there to give an unobstructed view over the gully. Without knowing if there is intended to be a frame there, we can't call it a mistake, or even if there was something to be removed.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, the Ferrari is lifted up on a jack and is running in reverse to "take off the miles." In the next scene you see the wheel, but it is spinning so that the car would be going forward, not in reverse.

Correction: Just as the wheels of a speeding car in a car commercial appear to be spinning backwards, so do the wheels of a reversing car appear to be running forward. This is an anomoly caused by the relative speed of the wheels vs. that of the film and, to date, no one has found a way to alleviate it. The filmmakers here would have been better off letting the wheels spin forward - then they would have looked like they were going backward.

Corrected entry: After Ferris and Cameron pick up Sloan, they drive WEST down School Drive by the high school. The sun should behind them in the morning (rises in the east) instead of in front, where it is in the film.

Correction: There is nowhere in the film where it states which direction they are traveling.


Corrected entry: When Jeannie comes downstairs to find the Principal in her house, she kicks his ass and then proceeds to call the police and tells them there is an intruder. Why didn't she recognise her own Principal? It did happen quickly when they jumped out at each other but they both paused before she kicked him. She certainly recognised him at the end of the film when they are at the back door.

Correction: Yes, it does happen quickly. So quickly, in fact, that Jeannie probably doesn't have time to compute what has happened - she just reacted. This is evident by the fact she makes it to the top of the stairs by the time Rooney hits the floor. The only reason she realizes that it was him at the end is BECAUSE she found his wallet.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Ferris' parents come home you see their foyer by the front door loaded with get well flowers and balloons, etc. Who accepted the deliveries if no one was home all day? Rooney wasn't around long enough to have brough ALL those flowers and gifts inside. Also, as much as he despises Ferris, I'm sure he would rather see them on the front porch to wilt. The only reason he signed for the first one was because he just happened to be standing on the front porch when the deliveryman arrived.

Correction: You can see his sister accepting the "get-well messenges" (like the "nurse" singing), so we can assume that she colected the flowers as well.

Correction: And/or a neighbor/friend with a spare key, one of many people in Ferris' thrall enough to visit and see to all those packages?


Corrected entry: The name Shermer, which appears in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club, comes from Shermer Road, which is the road that runs in front of the high school where Ferris Bueller's Day Off was filmed. Another post mentioned School Drive, which runs along the side of the school.

Correction: Northbrook, where Glenbrook North High School is and where part of the movie was shot, used to be called Shermerville. The school is located at 2300 Shermer Road. The street they drove on used to be called School, but now is called Sherman.

Corrected entry: When Ferris has just picked up Sloan from her school, he looks over at the camera and says " The question isn't what are we going to do. The question is what aren't we going to do". While he is saying this you can clearly see a boom mike moving back and forth in the car reflection.

Correction: He's not looking at the camera when he says that, and there is no boom mic reflection in the scene.

Corrected entry: When Ferris' mom tells Ferris that she's going to show a house to that family from Vermont she says the word "that" twice.

Leonard Hassen

Correction: Not an audio problem, just a case of stuttering on her part while trying to formulate her thought. It happens to most people at one time or another.


Corrected entry: When Ed Rooney presses the phone button to take Ferris' call he says nothing but Ferris speaks right up to ask him to get his sister to get his homework assignments. How did Ferris know Rooney was on the phone?

Leonard Hassen

Correction: Ferris would have been put on hold, so was most likely having to listen to music. When Rooney pressed the appropriate phone button, Ferris would be taken off hold - the music would have stopped, so Ferris would know that somebody was now listening - as he'd presumably asked to speak to Rooney, he simply assumed, correctly, that that was who he was speaking to.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where they take off after picking up Sloan in the parking lot, Ferris revs the engine (quite noticeable) and suddenly is on the street outside the lot. That must have been one sharp turn.

Correction: I've watched for this twice, and after Ferris revs the engine, the first shot of him driving off shows him still in the parking lot. There's no mistake here.

Corrected entry: The film takes place in April in Chicago. This is not the ideal swimming time of the year with average daytime highs in the low to mid 50's with high winds.

Correction: At the beginning of the movie, the radio weatherman comments about what a beautiful day it is, with highs expected in the mid-to-high 70's. The temperature is already 75 although it is probably around 7 in the morning.

Corrected entry: In a scene where Mr. Rooney is hunched over the sink in Ferris's home, the seat of his pants and the back of his sport coat are split. Yet at the end of the movie when he his loading the bus, both are intact.

Correction: His suit and pants are still split when you see him step into the bus - the split is very visible.


Corrected entry: On the drive home with Jeanie, Mrs. Bueller is not wearing sunglasses when all of the papers get thrown around in the car. She is wearing them the rest of the time.

Correction: She is wearing sunglasses. She puts them on before leaving the police station and you can see her wearing them for the whole drive.

Corrected entry: When Ferris is trying to con his way into the fancy restaurant he greases the maitre' d's palm with a dollar. The maitre' d then drops it and we hear it hit the table. Then the shot changes to his hand and he drops the dollar again.

Correction: The maitre d' doesn't drop the money. He looks at it in a huffy way then in the next shot he drops it.

Corrected entry: When Ferris and his friends are at the fancy restaurant where his father is eating. They notice him waiting for a cab and freak out and sneak into the cab right before Ferris' father. Why not just wait inside for a minute until he leaves?

Correction: Ferris is confident and daring to the point of absurdity. Several hours later he appears on a parade float, in the view of thousands. To him, sneaking into a cab under his father's nose is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Correction: Knowing Ferris, he may very well be skipping out on the check, and must get off the premises ASAP anyway (and can't bribe a waiter to smuggle him and company out the back). Therefore, there is danger for him either way, and this is the lesser risk.


Corrected entry: If Cameron's dad is suspicious enough of Cameron to note the mileage when he leaves, why doesn't he just take the keys when he leaves, or just hide them?

Correction: From what Cameron says about his dad, he's a macho, confident guy. The fact that Cameron has never touched the car before, and the amount of resistance he puts up to Ferris is proof that his dad had just about every right to be confident his son would never dare take the car.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Cameron is venting his anger at the Ferrari with the jack holding up the rear drive wheels and Ferris and Sloan witness it. The camera pans down to the tachometer of the car. The tachometer shows the revolutions per minute at 0, but the engine's supposed to be running. You know it's the tachometer when a scene with the parking garage guys, they rev the engine and you can clearly see the tachometer on the left and speedometer on the right.

Correction: This is one of the longest running myths of the film. The Tachometer is on the RIGHT of the Speedometer like in most other cars. You can only see the Speedometer and it is at zero because this car does not show speed in reverse (like many cars do). The scene is correct. Also, because the car was restored for three years, the fact that driving it backwards does not reverse the odometer cannot be questioned. In actuality, this car's ORIGINAL odometer would go backwards when driven in reverse. However, we have no idea how extensive Mr. Fry's changes to the car were. As an aside, in addition to not showing forward speed when in reverse, this car's original speedometer would actually go into negative territory (in-other-words less than 0 MPH) when driven in reverse.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Ed Rooney is talking to Ms. Bueller he says 'if he thinks he can just coast through this month...' then Ferris says later something about 'a couple of months until we graduate'

Correction: Some, if not most, American high schools tally student grades and absences through the month of, say, April in order to have time to calculate the information they need for graduation near the first of June. If it is near the beginning of April (they don't specifically say), Ferris can try to 'coast through this month' because he knows anything that happens in May won't count, hence 'a couple of months until we graduate' - April, May, and possibly a week or two in June.


Correction: Also, this is Chicago, what with all the snow days they have any given year, it's conceivable the make-up days have pushed Graduation back an entire month.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Ed Rooney gets on the school bus full of kids. You'll remember that Ferris got home at 6:00 p.m. Why would there be a school bus full of kids at 6:00 p.m.?

Correction: It's towards the end of the school year; traditionally, most schools have excursions during that period.


Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning of the movie there is a brief scene around the empty house. While the camera is in the kitchen you can see a reflection of one of the set guys moving in the fridge handle.

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