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Corrected entry: After Lindsey is seen getting an MRI scan, Ben is in her kitchen and receives a phone call from Troy saying that Lindsey is on TV. But when Ben turns the TV on, the news anchor is just introducing the story about Lindsey. There's no way Troy could have already seen her on TV and had the time to make the phone call. (00:53:50)

Correction: Sometimes when the news is going to commercial, they will say something like, a scary incident happened during the Red Sox game tonight. We will have that for you coming up next.

Corrected entry: When Lindsay has just run across the field to talk to Ben, she isn't out of breath at all. After running the length of an entire baseball field, she should be breathing heavily.

Correction: Throughout the film, Lindsey is constantly shown working out with her friends. Also, the distance between centerfield to the first base stands is only a couple hundred feet, and she stopped at Johnny Damon. For an athletic woman, this would barely raise her heart rate.

Corrected entry: When they show Ben on TV he is in Florida. In the background there are many different kinds of trees, even ones that don't belong in Florida, but there is not one palm tree.

Correction: There are tons of different types of trees in Florida, not just palm trees. This isn't an actual movie mistake.

Corrected entry: In the "Opening Day" scene, everyone is wearing shorts and t-shirts. Opening day in 2004 was April 9th and game time temperature was 52 F. Not really t-shirts and shorts weather.

Correction: Not really a mistake. I wore a T-shirt to that game.

Corrected entry: When Lindsey and Ben are arguing about Paris, they talk about Seattle being in town yet Ben's calendar shows Anaheim.


Correction: No particular date is given, but Ben says he's busy over the "weekend", and there is a Mariners weekend series on the schedule. The Anaheim series was August 31st-September 2nd, which was a Tuesday-Thursday. Since that is obviously not a weekend series, and they are talking about the Mariners, and there's no evidence to the contrary, it's probably safe to assume they were discussing the Mariners 9th-12th series, which was Friday-Monday.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie it shows Drew Barrymore running across the baseball field. This was also broadcast on T.V. as it shows her surprised parents watching it live. The only problem is when a fan jumps on the field during a real game, the camera pans away from them to discourage anyone from trying this stunt thinking they will get on T.V.

Correction: This isn't really a mistake. I have watched many games and sometimes they do zoom in on the runner, even on NESN.

Corrected entry: Ben and Lindsay are walking down the street. Ben had a drink in his hand. In the next shot it was gone and no evidence he had been drinking anything.

Wayne C.

Correction: While it would help when this mistake happens, the scene I believe you are referring can be explained because there is a change in time. While the conversation they are having is the same despite the shot changing, it is a different time and place. You can tell because it goes from day to night between shots and they are both wearing entirely different clothes.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: While eating the lobster dinner with her parents, Ben must have had his ears covered so he did not hear the results of a Red Sox game that he supposedly had recorded. This is impossible as he makes it clear that he has never missed an inning (until a later game, when his friend calls to say they came back in the ninth inning with 8 runs). He had to have watched it on TV or heard it on the radio while it was live.

Correction: Watching it on tape does not mean he missed an inning. In fact he missed the later game because he did not tape it.

Corrected entry: During the montage of games, when "Sweet Caroline" is being played, Lindsey and Ben are both wearing Red Sox Championship T-shirts. In the movie, the Sox aren't champions yet.

ChiChi Premium member

Correction: Their shirts actually say something close to Boston Red Sox, World Series Champions, 1918. This was the last time that the Red Sox had won the World Series at the time that the movie takes place. You can see Ben wearing the same shirt earlier in the movie.

Corrected entry: In the very beginning Ben takes the kids in his class to meet Lindsey and in the car he's listening to The Dennis and Callahan Show, which is on AM in Boston (WEEI). When the boy in the front seat changes the station, it goes to what is obviously an FM stereo music channel.

Correction: It is quite possible to go from an AM station to an FM station in a click of a button. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: A phone call is received saying Lindsay is on TV. Ben and Lindsay rush to turn on the TV. At that point the news story on the TV was just starting and the part showing Lindsay had not been shown yet (and was shown a few seconds later).

Wayne C.

Correction: When a news show is about to go to a commercial, they sometimes show what is comming up later in the show. So the little clip of Lindsay getting hit might have been previewed, and Ben's friend could have seen this and called Ben and told him.

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