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What A Girl Wants (2003)

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Corrected entry: Right before Daphne pushes Armistad into the water, he is shown rubbing her arm, but shots of his face show him "petting" the air, not physically touching Daphne's arm. He only touches her arm when Daphne's face is shown.


Correction: When you watch the movie with Ashley's commentaries, she says herself that it only looks that way. Then she goes on to say that he was actually touching her arm.

Corrected entry: At Peach and Pear's ball, they are standing up next to a wall when Daphne talks to them, then in the next shot, they are away from the wall, sitting down and looking miserable.

Correction: There is some time in between the two times Daphne talks to them. Peach and Pear might have moved away from the wall and sat down.

Corrected entry: After Henry gets his henna tattoo, there's a scene of him scaling a wall and his tattoo is not there. Then later he's home dancing in front of the mirror wearing leather pants and his tattoo is back.

Correction: The tattoo is there when he's climbing the wall, it is visible.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Daphnie comes down the steps during her ball, she is wearing elbow length white gloves. She continues to wear these gloves throughout the ball, even after she is locked in a room by her evil step-mother-to-be. But when she walks into the ballroom with her mother - during the father-daughter dance - her gloves have magically disappeared, even though she was wearing them just "seconds" before.

Correction: She was locked in the room for more than a few seconds, and probably took them off in there to see if she could get a better grip on the door handle without them. There's enough time in between shots for her to have removed them.


Corrected entry: When Daphne and Ian fall out of the boat and climb back in, in the closeups before and during the kiss they switch places.

Correction: They do not change places - the camera just switches back and forth between them.


Corrected entry: When Libby is sent away from the house, she leaves in a taxi, 17 years later, when Libby and Daphne are leaving, they also take a taxi. However, it is the exact same taxi. You can tell because the plate is the same.

Correction: The reason that they are the same is probably to show that Amanda (Daphne) is going through the same thing her mother did 17 years ago.

Corrected entry: Colin Firth states that he and his daughter have the same eyes. His are a dark brown, and a little squinty, and Daphne's are a bright green/blue and very big.

Correction: He says, "She has my eyes." Henry likely saw some familial resemblance in her eyes, rather then that her eyes are exactly like his.

Corrected entry: When Daphne is eating breakfast the morning after she lets the chandelier break, she is holding a piece of bread. You can see that she is not wearing any nail polish before she takes it off later on.

Correction: Well Daphne could have put her nail polish on later in the film, it didn't exactly have to be there from the start of the movie.

Corrected entry: After Henry announces that he is stepping down from the election, he leaves the podium and walks back down the aisle. He leaves the clingy political family at the podium. But when he gets to the foyer, they are there to confront him.

Correction: When Henry first walks up to the podium, we see three doors in the back, one in the middle, and one on each side. As Henry leaves the podium, you can see the family rushing off to the left of the screen, the family then joins him from the left of the screen once he leaves the room. We can then assume that they ran down the side of the room and exited out the front side door.

Corrected entry: When Henry calls Libby to question her as to why she never told him that he had a daughter, how does he know the phone number to the apartment that she lives in if they have not kept in contact since she left him 17 years ago?

Correction: Easy, he would have gotten it from Daphne to confirm her story. Or he could have called information.

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Henry Dashwood: I think I owe you a rather large apology.
Libby Reynolds: Do you think I've waited 17 years for an apology?



When Daphne and Ian are shopping in London on their first date, they go into a shop with sari's. Daphne is wearing a black blazer jacket when she goes into the change room but when she comes out with a sari on over her jeans, she does not have it on. Then Daphne and Ian leave the shop without it and Daphne does not wear it for the rest of the date, nor carry it about.



When the film was released during the war with Iraq, the poster of the film was edited by airbrushing the peace sign that Amanda Bynes made. This was done by Warner Bros. so no one will think that the poster is a war protest, or make it seem that the studio is against the war.