What A Girl Wants

Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes) lives in America with her mom (Kelly Preston) and she has never met her dad nor does he know about her. On her birthday, she decides to go find him against her mother's will. He is running for office in England. The mom doesn't want her to go because she was run out of there by his advisor who told her Daphne's father didn't want her anymore and she should leave immediately. Well, Daphne finds her dad engaged to a snobby socialite with a snobby daughter and they try to get rid of her but she ignores them and her and her dad bond. But when he starts taking her out in public she keeps embarassing him by doing crazy things and braking chandeliers. Then she tries to change herself completely to fit in but doesn't realize that she can't help but stand out. And she calls him Henry instead of dad.

Michelle A.

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Henry Dashwood: I think I owe you a rather large apology.
Libby Reynolds: Do you think I've waited 17 years for an apology?



When Daphne and Ian are shopping in London on their first date, they go into a shop with sari's. Daphne is wearing a black blazer jacket when she goes into the change room but when she comes out with a sari on over her jeans, she does not have it on. Then Daphne and Ian leave the shop without it and Daphne does not wear it for the rest of the date, nor carry it about.



When the film was released during the war with Iraq, the poster of the film was edited by airbrushing the peace sign that Amanda Bynes made. This was done by Warner Bros. so no one will think that the poster is a war protest, or make it seem that the studio is against the war.