There's Something About Mary

Corrected entry: There were several hints through the movie to Dom being Woogie: When Dom hides at Mary's office, the hives at hearing Mary's name, and mainly (this might be a mistake, but either way it should be here) in his backyard, when he says, "Each day is better than the next." Wouldn't that mean that each day is getting worse?

Correction: It's meant to mean each day is getting worse. It's a deliberate joke.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Ben Stiller is being attacked by the dog at Cameron Diaz's house, all the blinds in the room are shut. However, in the next shot the dog jumps through an open window.

Correction: The wall actually has two sets of windows, 4 total, the blinds are shut in one set and in the other set they remain open throughout the scene.


Corrected entry: It shows throughout the movie the band singing but if you look at the drummer he's not even playing the drum. The stick is not even hitting it. (01:14:55)

Correction: That's exactly the point. If you look at the singer he is also miming the words and playing the guitar all wrongly to the song they are "performing".

Corrected entry: When Ben Stiller gets done "cleaning the pipes", he looks around the bathroom for "the missing hair gel", if you freeze or slo-mo the scene, you can see there's nothing dangling from either ear. It doesn't appear until he answers the door. (01:24:25)

Anthony Chiaro

Correction: As per the rules of this site, if you have to use slow motion or freeze frame, it's not a valid mistake.

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Corrected entry: In the infamous bathroom scene during the zipper problem. We see Ben Stiller in one shot with his Tux jacket on trying to get the zipper open, next a closer shot and no jacket, back to previous shot and he's wearing the jacket. Again to the closer shot and no jacket.

Corrected entry: When Tucker, the guy with the crutches, enters Mary's apartment, he gives the old woman who lives with Mary a bottle of liquor. He was not holding it when he came in.

Correction: Yes he was, it's very in his left hand from the second the door opens with a 'J&B' label on it.

Anthony Chiaro

Corrected entry: When Ben Stiller takes the piece of paper with the pizza boy's address on it out of his pocket, the number of his house is 22. However when he arrives at the house the number is 43.

Correction: It lists the street address, which is 229, and then the apartment number, which is 43.

Corrected entry: When Mary is at the driving range, she hits some balls in the water, some few seconds after she has hit one of the balls, it drops into the water about 150-200 meters out. You can see that the way she hits the ball, it would absolutely not drop into the water in that length and direction. (00:27:30)


Correction: Who says that was her ball? There were other people there at the driving range. Her ball may have finished up somewhere off-camera.

Corrected entry: Woogie asks Ted if he's ever been in love, and when Ted brings up Mary Woogie says "Not Mary again." If Ted has talked about his feelings for Mary that much, why would Woogie ask him if he's ever been in love?

Correction: Woogie was more questioning whether Ted had ever been in a real relationship. Whilst Ted was "in love" with Mary it appeared to be more of an infatuation to those who knew Ted as he had not seen Mary in such a long time and only spoke of her.

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Corrected entry: Just something worth noticing. Cameron Diaz's flatmate says that after sex she eats a big banana split. In the end of the movie, when Cameron Diaz is in the living room, she shows up in the back with an old man. If you look closely, she's eating a banana split...

Correction: Not exactly trivia, she says that she's slept with the man and the banana split is in perfect view.

Corrected entry: When Mary is introduced, she's riding a bicycle at the school. When she takes Warren home, she no longer has it. (00:03:40)

Correction: Well due to the fact Ted walked her home, she may well have intentionally left her bike at school so she could walk with him. I'm sure she could collect it at school the next day.

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Continuity mistake: In the confrontation scene where all of Mary's admirers are forcing her to choose between them, Woogie is sat on the couch with a pile of Mary's shoes. Every time the camera shoots back to him, you will notice that the position of the shoes changes each time. This is also mentioned by the directors on the DVD commentary.

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Pat Healy: My real passion is my hobby.
Mary: Really, what's that?
Pat Healy: I work with r*****s.
Mary: Isn't that a little, uhm, politically incorrect?
Pat Healy: Well, heh, to hell with that... No one's going to tell me who I can and can't work with, right?

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Trivia: Dropping Ted while he was on the stretcher was not intended, it accidentally collapsed. When it did, the Farrelly brothers called cut to make sure Ben Stiller was alright, and then just left it in.

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Question: During the end credits it says "Dedicated to Ryan Mone." Who was he and what happened to this man?

Answer: Ryan Mone was a young hockey player from Martha's Vineyard, who died in a car accident at the age of just seventeen. The Farrelly brothers are long-term friends of the Mone family and chose to dedicate their film to Ryan as their tribute to his memory.

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