There's Something About Mary

Trivia: Dropping Ted while he was on the stretcher was not intended, it accidentally collapsed. When it did, the Farrelly brothers called cut to make sure Ben Stiller was alright, and then just left it in.

Trivia: The man in the prison with the long hair that stretches his arm out of the bars while Ted is leaving is Cameron Diaz's father.

Trivia: When Mary is golfing and she meets Matt Dillon's character for the first time, the woman that walks by is the director's mother. (00:27:35)

Trivia: When Ted is smoking a cigar, director Peter Farrelly's dog is shown. (00:20:35)

Trivia: The reason Ben Stiller's character wears a Providence t-shirt in the movie (while he is driving, before he picks up the hitchhiker) is because the Farrelly brothers are from Rhode Island originally and went to Providence College.

Trivia: When Mary, and Ted are eating corndogs at the golf course, the vendors are Peter, and Bobby's parents. (01:27:15)

Trivia: When Ted pulls into the rest area and the actors are not yet visible, the hitch hiker asks Ted what his car seats are made out of cause they're itchy. But if you look at the hitch hikers face as the camera pans inward toward the car, the hitch hiker's expression does not look like he just asked that question. That line was added in later because the directors thought it took too long for the car to pull in.

Trivia: Some people may have missed this reference. In the scene after Warren gets hit in the eye with the baseball, Ted shows up at Mary's house with a ball, and says "signed by Tony Conigliaro... shipped up from Boston." Conigliaro was a baseball player with the Boston Red Sox who suffered an infamous black eye after getting beaned with a pitch.

Trivia: In the scene where Ted is smoking a cigar, director Bobby Farrelly's children are playing in the background. (00:20:35)

Trivia: One detective in the scene at the police station with Ben Stiller says "I'm Detective Stabler, this is Detective Krevoy." These names are a reference to the film's producers, Steven Sabler and Brad Krevoy.

Continuity mistake: In the confrontation scene where all of Mary's admirers are forcing her to choose between them, Woogie is sat on the couch with a pile of Mary's shoes. Every time the camera shoots back to him, you will notice that the position of the shoes changes each time. This is also mentioned by the directors on the DVD commentary.

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Ted: I think I still want to look her up.
Pat Healy: Who, rollerpig? Are you nuts?
Ted: You said she was a real sparkplug.
Pat Healy: No, I said buttplug. She's heinous.

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Question: During the end credits it says "Dedicated to Ryan Mone." Who was he and what happened to this man?

Answer: Ryan Mone was a young hockey player from Martha's Vineyard, who died in a car accident at the age of just seventeen. The Farrelly brothers are long-term friends of the Mone family and chose to dedicate their film to Ryan as their tribute to his memory.

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