While You Were Sleeping

Corrected entry: When Jack goes to tell his father that he doesn't want to take over the family business, he brings him donuts. According to the time frame of the film, it's just after New Years, but the donut box has colored leaves on the outside, suggesting it was bought in the fall.

Correction: Not really. It is May and I just bought a Coke with a Santa on it. A donut shop might just use their fall boxes right through to the next spring.


Corrected entry: When Jack and Lucy take the moving truck to Peter's apartment to unload the engagement present, Jack parks very close to the car in front. Sandra Bullock gets out of the truck and says "Bill I think you parked too close..." and then makes a "whoops" face as if she made a mistake. She has called Jack by the actor's name (Bill Pullman).

Correction: Sandra Bullock does not say "Bill, I think you parked too close". She says "You know what, I think you parked too close". If you really listen, you can tell. This is also confirmed with subtitles.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the entire family is squeezing on the elevator just after Lucy revealed that Peter only has one testicle, one actor in the back of the elevator keeps repositioning himself so he is constantly visible to the camera, even going so far as to stand on his tip toes.

Correction: He is just trying to get out of the way of the Callaghans who are crowding into the elevator.


Corrected entry: After Lucy jumps off the platform to save Peter and the train finally arrives, the shot from above shows them under the edge of the train, as if they are being crushed. The next shot from the side shows them safely clear of the train but reveals that there is no space under the train for them to have survived as the train supposedly passed over them.

Correction: The train does hide them during the high shot, but it's not possible to determine how much space there is or isn't based on these shots.


Corrected entry: Lucy and Jack end up walking back to Lucy's house when Jack's truck is blocked in at Peter's high-rise apartment. However, Peter's apartment is a very well-known building right off of Lake Michigan, and Lucy's apartment is in a style not found within about 4-5 miles of that spot. Lucy states she is planning to walk to her apartment (even before Jack offers to walk her) - no way would she have been planning to walk between 60-90 minutes in the winter cold.

Correction: If she didn't have any money on her and the truck was blocked, she wouldn't have had much choice, would she?

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Corrected entry: In the Christmas at Jack's house scene, the camera pans quickly to the Christmas tree where it's possible to see a long-haired, crew member trimming the tree who is obviously on the movie crew and accidentally caught on camera.

Correction: The tree trimmer is Saul in a gray sweater, not a crew member. At first glance it does appear he has long hair, but close inspection reveals that it is an illusion caused by the picture on the wall behind Saul. In the very next shot you see Saul, in the gray sweater, ready to have his picture taken.

Corrected entry: When Lucy drags the nurse in the hall after they meet the family, the camera goes back and forth from Lucy to the nurse. First Lucy has a sweater and a tee shirt on, then no tee shirt, then a tee shirt again.

Correction: The T-shirt is always there, just less visible sometimes and more visible other times

Corrected entry: When Lucy is in the back of the delivery truck with Jack when he comes by to drop off the loveseat, she sits in a rocking chair he had made. If you look before she sits in it (when she is getting up into the truck), there is a strap holding it in place so that it won't move around the truck. When she sits in it, the chair rocks...impossible if it's strapped to the side of the truck.

Correction: It isn't impossible for Lucy to rock in her chair, those straps are there to keep the furniture from moving around as the truck is moving. It does not bolt the furniture down, the chair would still be able to rock if force was used. That's why Lucy only rocks slightly.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Lucy first picks up the engagement ring it's on her thumb. When she lets Jack into the booth and kisses him it has suddenly moved to her index finger.

Correction: There was plenty of time for her to move the ring from her thumb to her index finger.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Peter is proving he remembers things. He states he was born in 1959, and he states he was senior class president of 1981. That makes him about a 22 year old senior.


Correction: He means that he was the senior class president in college - not high school.


Continuity mistake: When Lucy and Jack are walking along the river, a long shot shows them approaching a lamppost with a kissing couple. In the next shot, they pass the lamppost but there is no one there. They finally pass the couple at the next lamppost. (00:46:55)

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Suggested correction: The couple is there. They are walking one lamppost before the couple in the long shot, and they are walking very slowly. In the close-up, it shows them just passing the lamppost before the couple. When they do pass the next lamppost, the couple is there as they were in the long shot.

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Saul: Did you know I'm Peter's godfather?
Lucy: Really? I thought you had to be catholic for that.
Saul: Ox fudged it over. He donated 50 folding chairs to Father O'Shea's bingo night.

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