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Corrected entry: In the chess scene where they start out playing chess and start licking the pieces etc., the square in the lower right corner is black. In chess, the lower right corner square is always white because the queen goes on color and if the bottom right is black, the king and queen are reversed out of position.

terry s

Correction: The chess board is obviously the wrong way round; a simple mistake to make.


Corrected entry: Felicity's flashback of Basil's saying "remember, by any means necessary" is different to how he actually said it.

Correction: Like any flashback how we remember a memory can differ from how it looked or happened.


Correction: He could have brought it back with him.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Scott is seen in the first movie as a teenager, and is assumed to still be in this movie. However, if Dr. Evil and Frau had gotten together in 1969, then Scott would have been 30 years old in this movie, as it's set in 1999.

Movie Nut

Correction: Scott may not be a teenager. Just very immature. Much in line with his actor Seth Green.


Corrected entry: At the end Austin and Felicity are standing around in Austin's pad. She turns to Austin talk for a bit, then Fat Bastard comes in. Felicity and Austin retreat up the step and Fat Bastard talks. When he is falling to the ground, Austin and Felicity do the exact same "retreat up the step" thing. When he's finished falling, Felicity turns to Austin again but they've reused the part where she turns to him at the beginning and dubbed over what she says at the end of that shot. It may seem a bit confusing, but it is fairly noticeable.

Correction: While they do go up the steps when Fat Bastard comes in, it's clear they also go down at some point to get closer to him as he's expressing his feelings, and there's plenty of time when off camera to do so. When they go back up the stairs the second time it's not the same footage reused. You can see the tilt in Felicity's head is more prominent the first time. They just probably rehearsed and reshot the scene so much that they end up taking the few steps similar ways both times.


Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil goes in the time machine for the first time, it shows a split screen of him and both portals are set to 1969.

Correction: While the portal says 1999 at first, once the time coordinates are entered, both time portals will read the same date, in this case 1969. Further evidence of this is when Austin Powers goes back 10 mins. When he puts in the time in the "present", the portal reads "10 minutes ago" and when he arrives in the past, the time portal still says "10 minutes ago".


Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil and Mini Me are playing piano, the visible movements of their hands and arms do not match with the melody. (00:57:00)

Correction: It's clear that it matches (although arm movements don't always tell you what the hands are doing), but we even see shots where we see the piano keys being played, which also matched the audio.


Corrected entry: In the shot where Rob Lowe is telling Dr. Evil that Mini Me bites, he holds up his right hand a few seconds before showing Dr. Evil the wounds Mini Me had done to him. Then when he really shows Dr. Evil the wounds, cuts and bandages suddenly appear from nowhere.

Correction: The bites and bandages are always on Number Two (Lowe) during the scene. We see them when he reaches for the cookies. When he does lift his hand (before showing the bites), we only see his palm, but we still see tape/bandages around his fingers.


Corrected entry: Towards the beginning there's a scene where Austin and Felicity are interrogating Mustafa at gunpoint. During this entire scene, Felicity is holding the trigger on the gun down.

Correction: No she's not, that's just how the gun trigger looks with the hammer cocked. When the hammer is cocked back, the trigger also moves back to its second position, which is what we see. Only when the trigger is squeezed into the 3rd position will the gun fire.


Corrected entry: When Dr.Evil is saying zip-it to Scotty right before they unveil the time machine, he is talking to his left with Mini-Me to the right of him. When the time portal is unveiled, Scotty is suddenly sitting on the right of Mini-Me (on the far side of Frau and her lover).

Correction: When Dr. Evil says "unveil the time portal", Scott is to the left of Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. And Mini-Me is in the same spot, to the right of Dr. Evil.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Austin is about to travel into the future you can clearly see as Basil types in the date '1969' that the numbers are already on the screen.

Correction: The numbers are not already on the screen, it's just the way LCD lights are where we see the image of the unlit parts.


Corrected entry: When Austin and Ivana Humpalot are playing chess and getting "hot" with the chess pieces, notice that Austin is playing with the tips of two white bishops. Bishops are never next to each other and he was playing the black pieces.

Correction: Austin simply moved the pieces together to play with them. The audience just didn't see this because it was a jump cut, like much of the scene. And he was playing with Ivana's pieces and not his own - he reached across the board because his black pieces are visible in the background.

Corrected entry: In the beginning before Vannesa blows up you'll see eyeballs have appeared on her from nowhere.

Correction: As a fembot with her face removed, she always had eyeballs, they just also had the countdown showing. Before she explodes, it's the same eyeballs but without any red countdown numbers because after 0 it went blank.

Corrected entry: Austin goes back in time 10 minutes and meets his past self. However, Austin From 10 Minutes Ago did not repeat the events of Regular Austin and also did not go back in time to 10 minutes ago, so therefore Regular Austin should have just disappeared, because of no Austin going back in time to repeat the infinite loop.

Correction: By going back in time and changing the past he creates an alternate time line; a common convention of science fiction movies.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin repeatedly uses Robin Swallows as a human shield, an additional bit was filmed but not used. When Felicity picks up Austin in the 'Vette and they drive away, a car with more bad guys chases them. It pulls up next to them and one of the assassins starts firing a machine gun at them. At the last second, Austin reaches down and pulls out the body of Robin Swallows, again using her body as a shield. He turns to Felicity and says, "Glad I brought her along," then tosses Robin's body out of the car and they drive off. It's a really funny bit, but would have created continuity problems since we see her body lying on the sidewalk when Austin and Felicity initially drive off.

Mark Bernhard

Correction: How is this trivia? This is nothing more than the description of a deleted scene.

Corrected entry: When Fat Bastard is gassing the guards at the Ministry of Defense, he seems to be unaffected by the gas despite not wearing any protection.

Correction: Such is the case with many people's gas: they seem completely unaffected by it even though it forces everyone else out of the room. Also: it's a joke.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Austin discovers that Vanessa is a fembot and she explodes, he picks up her hand. Even though they are married, she is only wearing an engagement ring; no wedding band.

Correction: It is not uncommon for a women to wear what looks like an engagement ring instead of a wedding band. My wife does.

Corrected entry: When Felicity is in the gas chamber it takes 36 seconds from the time the gas starts flowing until the moment Felicity's heart stops. The second time around (when there are two Austins) they waste so much time with talking that it takes more than 45 seconds until Austin frees Felicity.

Correction: Simply explained by the not so simple "chaos theory." Austin changed something subtle by going back, and the gas did not affect Felicity as quickly.


Corrected entry: Throughout the film, during the 60s, the cars are shown with white rear number plates. In the UK, the cars had black plates with silver lettering, changing to white at the front and yellow on the back at the beginning of the 70s.

Correction: Actually, the newer style plates were in use from the mid 1960s, alongside the old black and silver versions until the early 1970s.

Andy Benham

Correction: In real life, of course, he would have. However, this is a movie. There are lots of things in this movie that do not happen (as far as we yet know) in real life, such as time travel. However, the directors still had a need for Mini Me in the next movie - so they shot the movie as they did. And, since they intended it that way, it is not a mistake.

Zwn Annwn

Continuity mistake: When Austin is about to be sent back in time in the Bug, he reverses into some shelves with computers on them, knocking them over. He then pulls forwards. When he reverses again, the computers are back up, and he hits some barrels. When he pulls forwards again, the barrels are back up, but the computers have now disappeared again. (00:23:50)

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Ivana Humpalot: My name is Ivana. Ivana Humpalot.
Austin Powers: Excuse me?
Ivana Humpalot: Ivana Humpalot.
Austin: And I want a toilet made out of solid gold, but it's just not in the cards now, is it?

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Trivia: In the opening musical sequence when they jump out of the pool, the lady behind Austin can be seen laughing because her swim hat has fallen down.

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Question: So did Frau convert to lesbianism through the time after being straight with Dr. Evil?

Answer: It appears so since she was with Dr. Evil in 1969 and was with Unibrow (the female golfer) in the present time. She does say (after the time with Dr. Evil), that she would never love another man again - to which he replies - "That's right", referring, of course, to her future sexual preferences.

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