The Little Cars in the Great Race

Continuity mistake: When Wrangler drives over the nails on the road, he comes to an abrupt stop. When he stops, the tyres are still positioned in the same place, but in the next shot, the tyres are suddenly dislodged and sticking out of the car, as a way of representing he has broken down.


Casual Person

Revealing mistake: When Coupe says, "It's show time", the screen fades to black so it can transition to the next scene. Throughout the shot, before fading to black, Lugnut's wing mirror can be seen towards the left of frame, showing a very light greyish colour reflection. Just as the scene fades to black, an error in the animation can be noticed, where the reflection in Lugnut's wing mirror suddenly flickers to a much darker grey.


Casual Person

Continuity mistake: After Lugnut says "Pedal to the metal" and the Champ's mechanic says, "Come on, Cruise, come on", the scene cuts to Cruise and Wrangler on the race course. Wrangler is ahead of Cruise and Cruise is behind Wrangler, to his right. In the next shot, Cruise is suddenly directly behind Wrangler.


Casual Person

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