The Little Cars in the Great Race

Revealing mistake: During the final race, Wrangler is shown knocking a yellow car off the race course. A few seconds before this, there are two shots from behind Wrangler, that are just still frames. The shot does not show Wrangler driving or even moving and is completely still. The shot from behind is merely just a still image, that has been extended to last a split second. The same still frame image is also repeated two shots later. (00:27:35)

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: When Cruise is talking about his dream to Lugnut, Mr. V8 arrives in scene and stops in front of Cruise, mere inches away from him, but when Cruise is saying he loves race season, Mr. V8 is suddenly several feet away from Cruise. (00:01:55)

Casual Person

Character mistake: When Cruise goes to see if the Champ is OK, he says his boss bet all the money on the race. It was not his boss who bet the money, it was Lugnut who bet the money. (00:25:10)

Casual Person
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