The Little Cars in the Great Race

Revealing mistake: Throughout the opening credits, the shot is shown panning through a road. The exact same distinct cracks on the road can be seen repeated over and over as the shot pans along.


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Revealing mistake: When Mr. V8 is wondering what is the big deal about races, Coupe begins explaining to him why. She first says, "Let me tell you" and then says, "The racers are the best." As soon as she finishes saying "Let me tell you", there is a very visible blip in the animation when she begins saying "The racers are the best", showing that the animation in the speech was incomplete.


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Revealing mistake: When Coupe says, "It's show time", the screen fades to black so it can transition to the next scene. Throughout the shot, before fading to black, Lugnut's wing mirror can be seen towards the left of frame, showing a very light greyish colour reflection. Just as the scene fades to black, an error in the animation can be noticed, where the reflection in Lugnut's wing mirror suddenly flickers to a much darker grey.


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Revealing mistake: When Cruise and Lugnut are driving home after talking with Mr. V8 and Coupe, much of the scene is a shot of the two of them talking with each other and occasionally in the scene, the shot will cut to a closer angle of the two, with the shot focusing on either Cruise or Lugnut. Whenever the shot is on the closer angle, the resolution of the animation becomes blurrier. This could be because the closer angles are merely the same shot of the two, just zoomed in more, which would cause the resolution to decrease.


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Revealing mistake: Lugnut is driving to place and stops to look around to see where the race betting is. When he stops, it is apparent that there was no animation used to show him stopping, but really, the animation was just paused in attempt to give the illusion that he stopped.


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Revealing mistake: During the final race, Wrangler is shown knocking a yellow car off the race course. A few seconds before this, there are two shots from behind Wrangler, that are just still frames. The shot does not show Wrangler driving or even moving and is completely still. The shot from behind is merely just a still image, that has been extended to last a split second. The same still frame image is also repeated two shots later.


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