The Little Cars in the Great Race

Continuity mistake: When Cruise is talking about his dream to Lugnut, Mr. V8 arrives in scene and stops in front of Cruise, mere inches away from him, but when Cruise is saying he loves race season, Mr. V8 is suddenly several feet away from Cruise.


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Continuity mistake: When Cruise and Lugnut are driving home on the road, there are road markings shown on the road that are about a foot long, with quite a thick paint job, but when Cruise starts to speed away from Lugnut later in the scene, the road markings are suddenly much longer, with a much thinner paint job.

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Continuity mistake: After Cruise speeds away from Lugnut, Lugnut manages to catch up with him, who is still driving at fast speed. The shot cuts to an angle with them in centre of the frame and Cruise is suddenly driving at a much slower pace.


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Continuity mistake: When Wrangler says to Cruise that Coupe is going to watch him train, Cruise drops the race tickets he is holding in his wing mirror and they drop directly to the ground, but in the next shot, they are suddenly under Wrangler, instead of being positioned beside Cruise.


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Continuity mistake: Lugnut picks up the race tickets that Cruise drops. He is first shown lowering the hook attached to his truck to the ground, but in the next shot, the tickets are suddenly inside the hook without the tickets being picked up by the crane.


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Continuity mistake: When Lugnut goes to place the bet, he lifts the bag of money from the hook in his truck and moves it towards the betting window, with the bag of money still inside the hook. In the next shot, the bag of money is suddenly on the window of the betting booth, no longer in the hook.


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Continuity mistake: After Lugnut says "Pedal to the metal" and the Champ's mechanic says, "Come on, Cruise, come on", the scene cuts to Cruise and Wrangler on the race course. Wrangler is ahead of Cruise and Cruise is behind Wrangler, to his right. In the next shot, Cruise is suddenly directly behind Wrangler.


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Continuity mistake: When Wrangler drives over the nails on the road, he comes to an abrupt stop. When he stops, the tyres are still positioned in the same place, but in the next shot, the tyres are suddenly dislodged and sticking out of the car, as a way of representing he has broken down.


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