Audio problem: As Lulu drops from the moon beam onto some books, the school house says "Or would you rather be a mule?" It pauses for a moment, and then you hear the school house begin singing about a mule as the camera cuts to a close up of the mule drawing in a book. But a split second before the cut, the school house begins his singing, and gets a couple words in before the camera cut. However you can see the school house’s mouth is not moving at this point.


Quantom X

Audio problem: During the dream sequence in the song, Lulu begins swinging from three different stars depicting 3 different faces of celebrities at the time in black and white that have their lips moving with the song as they sing. However their lips are off sync with the lyrics by a little bit and are moving slower.


Quantom X

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As the episode starts, Lulu is snoring in bed. The purple head board of her bed is in the light in such a way that it is diagonally lit up from the top left to bottom right. When the angle changes as she gets up, the lighting has flipped so the bottom part is lit rather than the top. There is also a window that suddenly appears in the wall by her bed that was not there in the previous shot.