A Bout with a Trout (1947)

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Directed by: Izzy Sparber

Starring: Cecil Roy

Genres: Animated, Family, Fantasy, Music, Short

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A Bout with a Trout mistake picture

Continuity mistake: A full school day passes from when Lulu is first at school to get her fishing pole and to when she returns after awakening from being knocked out. It even looks darker from time passing. But the shadow of the tree is exactly the same, when the moving of the sun would have changed that.

00:01:55 - 00:07:10

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Continuity mistake: As Lulu’s shoulder angle tells her that she will turn into a mule if she doesn't go to school, the shading on Lulu’s chin suddenly changes and gets darker, like a shadow just appeared from nowhere.


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A Bout with a Trout mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Lulu slides down the banister onto a stool and slides across the floor to the table for her breakfast. She gets to the table and looks at her selection for a moment, the camera still looking from the side and her hands at her sides. It cuts to a close up from in front of her and suddenly her hands are up on the table. Also the cups on the table change shape, from being more conical towards the bottom, to perfect cylinders.


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Question: After the Shoulder Angel appears on Lulu's stick and says that she's playing hooky, and it's a bad sign, the Shoulder Demon then appears and says some snarky remarks to the Angel. I have listened to that part over and over again trying to catch it, but I can't quite make out what the demon says, and the DVD does not have subtitles. To the best I can tell, it sounds like the shoulder demon appears and says "Naaaa! Take a powder, sister! Fishin’s for fishes, hairline." But that doesn't make any sense. Can someone tell me what she actually says? And then after the angel tells Lulu that if she doesn't go to school, she will grow up to be a mule, the demon says another line I can't quite make out, but sounds like she says "Ahhh! your brother's mustache!" as she pulls the Angel's halo down over her. What does she actually say there?

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Question: At the end, the teacher makes Lulu write something on the black board 1000 times. It's difficult to make out, but what exactly is it she is writing?

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Chosen answer: She writes "I'll never play hooky again."

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