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Other mistake: About two-thirds of the way in, Robert Young re-visits the 'scene of the crime'. While climbing up the steep bank from the ravine, he reaches the top and, and in a very short shot (a few seconds), his shadow is cast upon the painted background scenery.

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Miracle on 34th Street picture

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Sawyer is giving Kris the exam, during the part where Kris is doing the physical coordination test, we see Kris from Sawyer's point of view, and Sawyer is drumming his fingers. When the shot switches to Kris's, he is fingering his eyebrow. When it switches back, fingers drumming. Finally, when it switches back again, his hands are neatly folded in front of him.

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Good News picture

Other mistake: In the 1946 MGM film "Good News" - there is a minor flub in the last musical dance number -The Varsity Drag. About 131.13 into the film- a woman dancer wearing a pink dress - just to the left of the screen- stumbles forward and almost falls onto her face while dancing. They left this scene in for some reason. (01:31:10)

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Brighton Rock picture

Continuity mistake: Pinkie sweeps all the glasses on top of the bar onto the floor, yet after he and his gang have gone we see broken glass on the bar top.

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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir picture

Continuity mistake: To show time has passed, the wooden fence on the beach deteriorates, but the top of the fence, with Anna Muir carved in it, was never anywhere near the water - it was way up inland, far away from the water's edge - but now it is in the water, waves washing over it.

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A Bout with a Trout picture

Continuity mistake: The school house says "Or would you rather be a fish?" as Lulu plummets into the water around the letter blocks the school house is sitting on. She lands in the water next to two blocks reading F and C, the F block being a light blue and the C block being a slightly darker blue. But when it cuts to a close up of her in the water, both blocks are suddenly a very dark blue. (00:05:15)

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Seven Were Saved picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where we see two pilots in the cockpit of a aircraft, the co-pilot has a fake moustache. The top lip appears to be coloured black.

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Possessed picture

Revealing mistake: When Joan Crawford shoots van Heflin, he reacts as if he was shot before the shot is fired.

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A Pest in the House picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy puts the suitcases in the man's arms before going into the lift, there are two suitcases on the top of the pile. When Daffy and the man leave the lift, there is only one suitcase on top.

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Easter Yeggs picture

Continuity mistake: When Elmer Fudd is filling up the trap with water, the handle of the trowel in the dirt next to him is initially coloured brown but changes to green in the next shot.

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Slick Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs (dressed as Groucho) is on the table with the other Marx brothers, there is nothing on the table, but when Elmer (dressed as Harpo) chops Bugs' cigar, an ashtray has appeared.

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Scent-imental Over You picture

Continuity mistake: When the dogs run away from the Mexican hairless dog after thinking she's a skunk, the Mexican dog's ears are pointing up but in the next shot they are pointing down.

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Mickey's Delayed Date picture

Continuity mistake: When Pluto slides on the floor after coming out of the closet, he goes under the bed and Mickey's shirt, trousers and top hat fall onto it. But when Mickey comes out of the bathroom and slips on the soap, the hat is now on the shirt and a pair of shoes have appeared out of nowhere.

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Tweetie Pie picture

Continuity mistake: When Thomas attempts to get back in the house by the chimney, you can see there are two logs in the fireplace. But when Tweety brings more logs over to the fireplace, the two logs that were there originally have gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Tom is about to drop the iron on Jerry, he is holding some cheese on a piece of string in his left hand. When the iron drops on Tom's foot, he is no longer holding the string.

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Cat Fishin' picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom is tip-toeing past the gate at the start of the cartoon, Spike is sleeping and you can see there is nothing around his neck, but in the next shot a dog collar has suddenly appeared.

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Black Narcissus picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the very end of the film when Sister Ruth goes to see Mr. Dean, she is wearing a great deal of lipstick - in fact, her make-up is indicative of her having left the religious order run by Sister Clodagh. She becomes hysterical and faints. When she wakes up she's no longer wearing any lipstick (no indeed any make-up at all).

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Part Time Pal picture

Continuity mistake: When Jerry opens the door of the refrigerator, there is a piece of corn on the cob on a plate and next to it is a bowl of eggs. In the next shot, the eggs have become fruit.

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Pursued picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jeb shoots Prentice, we see Prentice with his right hand covering the wound just below the right rib cage. When Jeb carries him inside, Prentice's right hand is now covering the left side rib cage. (01:05:55 - 01:06:35)

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King-Size Canary picture

Continuity mistake: When the cat places the tiny canary on to the plate, the salt and pepper pots on the table change positions between shots, and the cabinets in the background disappear. He also has a knife and fork in his hands, but after the canary says he's been sick, we return to the cat and the knife and fork have disappeared.

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