Most movie mistakes of 1947

1A Bout with a Trout (1947)17
2A Pest in the House pictureA Pest in the House (1947)14
3Easter Yeggs pictureEaster Yeggs (1947)10
4Mickey's Delayed Date pictureMickey's Delayed Date (1947)10
5Part Time Pal picturePart Time Pal (1947)9
6Tweetie Pie pictureTweetie Pie (1947)9
7The Invisible Mouse (1947)7
8Rabbit Transit pictureRabbit Transit (1947)7
9Slick Hare pictureSlick Hare (1947)7
10Born to Kill pictureBorn to Kill (1947)7
11The Ghost and Mrs. Muir pictureThe Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)6
12Pluto's Blue Note picturePluto's Blue Note (1947)6
13Cat Fishin' pictureCat Fishin' (1947)5
14Miracle on 34th Street pictureMiracle on 34th Street (1947)5
15Salt Water Tabby pictureSalt Water Tabby (1947)4
16The Gay Anties (1947)4
17A Mouse in the House pictureA Mouse in the House (1947)4
18Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse pictureDr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse (1947)3
19Slap Happy Lion pictureSlap Happy Lion (1947)3
20King-Size Canary pictureKing-Size Canary (1947)2
21Tycoon pictureTycoon (1947)2
22Black Narcissus pictureBlack Narcissus (1947)1
23Seven Were Saved (1947)1
24Pursued picturePursued (1947)1
25The Cat Concerto pictureThe Cat Concerto (1947)1
26They Won't Believe Me pictureThey Won't Believe Me (1947)1
27Good News pictureGood News (1947)1
28High Wall (1947)1
29Out of the Past pictureOut of the Past (1947)1
30Possessed picturePossessed (1947)1
31The Bishop's Wife pictureThe Bishop's Wife (1947)1
32Scent-imental Over You (1947)1
33Brighton Rock pictureBrighton Rock (1947)1