A Bout with a Trout

Revealing mistake: Laying in bed asleep, Lulu has a sucker swinging on a string to and from her mouth as she snores. When we first see her, after the sucker leaves her mouth the first time, her hair has a glitch. For a few frames, one loop of her hair vanishes, and then comes back. This repeats each time the sucker moves away from her. (00:00:45)

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Revealing mistake: As Lulu is pulling her fishing pole out of the school steps, you see if you watch closely that the pole actually passes through the concrete of the steps rather than her lifting it over. (00:02:00)

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Continuity mistake: As the episode starts, Lulu is snoring in bed. The purple head board of her bed is in the light in such a way that it is diagonally lit up from the top left to bottom right. When the angle changes as she gets up, the lighting has flipped so the bottom part is lit rather than the top. There is also a window that suddenly appears in the wall by her bed that was not there in the previous shot. (00:01:05)

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Question: At the end, the teacher makes Lulu write something on the black board 1000 times. It's difficult to make out, but what exactly is it she is writing?

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Chosen answer: She writes "I'll never play hooky again."

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