Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Corrected entry: At Hendricks' press conference, there are plates with country names. However, there are no such countries as "Dagestan" and "Kalmykia", these are parts of Russia.

Correction: Hendricks isn't doing a press conference or speaking at the UN - he is speaking at the Kremlin, so the delegates behind him would correctly be representing the federal subjects of the Russian Federation.

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Corrected entry: An ICBM warhead does not detonate upon impact. It detonates hundreds (thousands) of meters above ground in order to maximise the effect of the explosive impact.

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Correction: Nuclear warheads detonate where they are programmed to. There are generally four types of detonation:- 1. Exo-atmospheric. Warheads detonated in near-earth orbit. Causes no physical damage but creates a massive electromagnetic pulse, EMP, which can destroy vulnerable electronic systems. 2. Airburst. Detonation at a height of 5 to 10 thousand feet is ideal when targeting cities, maximum physical damage, but less in the way of fallout. 3. Groundburst. Used primarily against military targets - airfields, naval bases, missile silos, etc. Massive damage but with large amounts of radioactive fallout which would hamper rescue and repair efforts. 4. Subsurface. To destroy a hardened underground facility, such as a missile launch control centre, government bunker or the NORAD facility at Cheyenne Mountain, a large nuclear warhead is fitted with a penetrator, a hardened steel nose, that uses the speed of reentry to 'punch' through the ground before detonation. The physical damage above ground is severe but these warheads produce massive amounts of fallout.

Corrected entry: When the analyst guy is being carried through the computer by Benjy, the physics at work make no sense. He is presumably repelled by the magnet to be held aloft, but that would mean he would stay in place as the magnet moved away, before falling to the ground. He'd only stay in place relative to it if he was being attracted to it, but then he wouldn't be hovering above it.

Correction: The robot is NOT just a magnet. It scanned the ground ahead of it to calculate the amount of magnetism required to keep Brandt (the analyst guy) in a steady horizontal position. The robot and suit is probably made up of billions of micro magnets, adjusting the power at the front and rear to propel him forward, much like a maglev train.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, the female assassin fires three shots into the MI agent, but the back of his leather jacket shows four holes.

Correction: There are only three bullet holes in the back. What looks like a fourth is just a fold in his jacket.


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