Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Ethan and his team are too late to stop Hendricks from launching a nuclear missile heading toward San Francisco, so their plan is to deactivate it from the football (a briefcase with the missile controls inside). As Ethan chases after Hendricks who has the football, Brandt, Benji, and Jane try to restore power to a TV station where the launch signal originated from. No power at the station, no shutting down the missile. Hendricks commits suicide by plummeting off a high level parking garage with the football in tow. Ethan drives a car down there and tries to shut off the missile, but to no avail. Wistrom tries to stop Brandt from reactivating the power, but Benji bursts in and kills Wistrom. Brandt restores the power in the nick of time for Ethan to shut down the missile. IMF is cleared in the bombing of the Kremlin and Ethan gives his team iPhones with their new missions on them. At first, Brandt refuses his, revealing his role in Julia's death to which Ethan replies "Are you sure she's really dead?"


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Benji Dunn: [showing a glove.] Now remember: blue is glue.
Ethan Hunt: And red?
Benji Dunn: Dead.



When Ethan meets the Secretary in the car, he tells him that Hendricks was seen leaving the Kremlin with the nuclear launch device and deduces that he is Cobalt. The Secretary then gives Ethan the flash drive containing his mission, which Ethan reads on the train. Ethan then tells the rest of the team that - according to the mission - IMF believes that Hendricks is Cobalt and was seen leaving the Kremlin with the launch device - hence why he needs to buy the launch codes from Moreau. How could IMF have known about this information to put it on the drive, given that Ethan just told the Secretary in the car?



The number A113 (which appeared in Brad Bird's previous films The Incredibles and Ratatouille) makes two appearances here. The first is on the side of Hanaway's ring in the flashback sequence, and the second is verbally as Ethan's agent ID that he recites through the phone after he escapes from the hospital.