Night of the Living Dead

Continuity mistake: When Barbara runs away from the zombie in the graveyard, she is barefoot. Then when she falls down, her shoes fall off. (00:07:20)


Deliberate mistake: When Ben is discussing boarding up the windows to Tom, he says he still needs to get a few spots upstairs. Why would he need to board up the upstairs windows when the zombies have no way of reaching them?

Other mistake: Ben drags the body of the ghoul he killed in the house out the kitchen door. As he drags it out you can see he leaves it on the porch and lights it on fire, which would certainly set the wooden porch on fire and probably the rest of the house. But, once the flames are huge, you will see that the body has moved down onto the grass. But Ben never pushes it down off the porch. (00:19:45)


Other mistake: When Ben smashes the face of the ghoul trying to walk through the kitchen door, he comes back in and locks the door. But, when he drags the body of the ghoul he killed in the house out that same door and lighting it on fire, he runs back in, slams a small table against it but never re locks it. So until he boards it up, that door is left unlocked. That little table wouldn't stop anyone. (00:18:45 - 00:20:00)


Visible crew/equipment: When Barbara is running around the house to find a way in, someone backs up (possibly with a camera in hand) behind a tree.

Continuity mistake: When Barbara first sees Ben pull up in the truck through the window he is driving a square shaped front end General Motors truck, but in all other shots in the film the truck is a rounded front end Chevrolet truck. (00:13:35)

Revealing mistake: As soon as Ben fires the first shot from the rifle you can plainly see it's a fake. Not so much from the look of it, but by the fact that there's no kick back whatsoever. The bullets you see him loading it with look big enough to give a pretty good blast. Even a .22 caliber would have more kick than what he's using. His rifle shoots like a BB gun. (00:45:35 - 01:28:30)


Other mistake: When the cemetery ghoul loses his grip on Barbra's rolling vehicle a parked car can be seen in the rear passenger window that wasn't there before. Ten seconds later a van or truck can be seen from Barbra's driver side window.


Continuity mistake: During Barbra's speech after Ben removes the legs from the dining table, he moves the table top and rests it against a window. When he tells Barbra to "keep calm" the table top disappears. After getting the hammer and telling her to "calm down" the table top reappears.


Other mistake: After the truck blows up, when Ben picks up the torch and starts to fight back to return to the house, several parked vehicles can be seen behind the ghouls. (01:12:40)


Continuity mistake: When Ben tells Barbara to look for wood, she heads to the fireplace, which, in the scene where she first enters the house, is covered with a cast iron screen with a slit in it. It is completely open, with no screen to be seen anywhere, when she gets the wood from it.

Factual error: The truck's gas tank is said to be empty, but is able to explode spectacularly later on. An empty gas tank may spout a jet of flame, but will not have enough force to rupture and damage the truck, a full tank of liquid gas will not burn unless vaporized. Simply put the truck would not explode in that Michael Bay fashion.

Continuity mistake: When they are throwing the molotov cocktails out the window to let them get to the car, they throw one in front of both sides of the vehicle. However when the 3rd and 4th cocktails land, the first two which were just burning are now gone and there's no burn marks on the ground.


Continuity mistake: When they are driving the pickup truck to the pumps, the sky is pitch black. However when they get on the dirt path - for one scene the sky is lighter as if it was dusk in the early eve, only to go back to pitch black when they reach the pump.


Continuity mistake: When Ben is squatting in front of the TV and they are watching the broadcast, he has a gun laying in his lap with his hand not holding it. In the next shot, he's now instantly holding the gun and it's no longer laying in his lap.


Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning when Johnny gets out of the car and we have a bit of a wide shot, before he closes the car door, you can see the top of the camera reflected in the window.


Newscaster: Reports, incredible as they may seem, are not the results of mass hysteria.
Harry Cooper: "Mass hysteria?" What do they think, we're imagining all this?
Ben: Shut up.

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Trivia: Duane Jones was the first African American to play a lead in a horror film. He also taught at and became the head of the Theatre Department at Old Westbury college in Long Island, New York. He remained there until he unfortunately passed away in 1988.

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Question: Is it true that missing footage from the movie has been found?

Answer: Yes, director George Romero announced in 2015 that he had rediscovered some 16mm working footage that never made it into the movie, including a full 9-minute sequence (a jump-cut of the basement scene) featuring the largest zombie attack in the film. Although Romero died earlier this year, film legend Martin Scorsese was said to be overseeing the film's restoration including the found footage. Http://

Charles Austin Miller

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