Night of the Living Dead

Character mistake: After Ben tells his story about his first encounter with the ghouls, Barbara begins her story. She talks about the ghoul Johnny was joking about. She tells Ben that she wanted to apologize. She states, "I said good evening, and he grabbed me." If you go back to that original scene, you'll never hear her say "Good evening." (00:29:40)


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Suggested correction: Since then she's been attacked, crashed her car, found a half eaten/decaying body and is now trapped in a rural farmhouse with dozens of undead zombies trying to get in. I don't think its beyond the realms of possibility that she misremembered exactly what happened.


Therefore, she made a character mistake.

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A character mistake is when a character should know better, eg. when playing the role of an expert but makes a rookie error. Not remembering exactly what happened hours earlier and mixing up what was said isn't classed as a character mistake. It's human error, not a movie mistake.


Continuity mistake: When Ben, Tom and Judy are trying to escape from the zombies in the truck, it is dark, but when the zombies are giving chase, dawn is breaking, and when the truck gets to the gas pump it is now dark once more. This is just one of a number of scenes in this film that change from darkness to daylight and vice-versa.


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Ben: Now get the hell down in the cellar. You can be the boss down there, but I'm boss up here.

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Trivia: Duane Jones was the first African American to play a lead in a horror film. He also taught at and became the head of the Theatre Department at Old Westbury college in Long Island, New York. He remained there until he unfortunately passed away in 1988.

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