Night of the Living Dead

Other mistake: A few minutes after Tom and Judy have been killed in the truck and their bodies burned by the fire, the zombies begin to eat some of the body parts. One of the zombies can be seen with a human hand that appears to be neatly severed and unaffected by the fire, surely the hand would have been so badly burned by the fire beyond all recognition.


Other mistake: Ben drags the body of the ghoul he killed in the house out the kitchen door. As he drags it out you can see he leaves it on the porch and lights it on fire, which would certainly set the wooden porch on fire and probably the rest of the house. But, once the flames are huge, you will see that the body has moved down onto the grass. But Ben never pushes it down off the porch. (00:19:45)


Other mistake: When Ben smashes the face of the ghoul trying to walk through the kitchen door, he comes back in and locks the door. But, when he drags the body of the ghoul he killed in the house out that same door and lighting it on fire, he runs back in, slams a small table against it but never re locks it. So until he boards it up, that door is left unlocked. That little table wouldn't stop anyone. (00:18:45 - 00:20:00)


Other mistake: When the cemetery ghoul loses his grip on Barbra's rolling vehicle a parked car can be seen in the rear passenger window that wasn't there before. Ten seconds later a van or truck can be seen from Barbra's driver side window.


Other mistake: After the truck blows up, when Ben picks up the torch and starts to fight back to return to the house, several parked vehicles can be seen behind the ghouls. (01:12:40)


Continuity mistake: A scene is shown where the zombies smash the headlights of the truck that Ben arrived in. Later in the movie, when they attempt to refuel the truck, both headlights are fully intact and lit.

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Karen Cooper: I hurt.

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Trivia: Duane Jones was the first African American to play a lead in a horror film. He also taught at and became the head of the Theatre Department at Old Westbury college in Long Island, New York. He remained there until he unfortunately passed away in 1988.

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Question: Is it true that missing footage from the movie has been found?

Answer: Yes, director George Romero announced in 2015 that he had rediscovered some 16mm working footage that never made it into the movie, including a full 9-minute sequence (a jump-cut of the basement scene) featuring the largest zombie attack in the film. Although Romero died earlier this year, film legend Martin Scorsese was said to be overseeing the film's restoration including the found footage. Http://

Charles Austin Miller

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