Night of the Living Dead

Trivia: The scene where Barbara crashes the car into the tree wasn't scripted originally; an accident that put a large dent in the car before the scene was shot prompted George Romero to re-write the scene in such a way that the dent is justified.

Trivia: Duane Jones was the first African American to play a lead in a horror film. He also taught at and became the head of the Theatre Department at Old Westbury college in Long Island, New York. He remained there until he unfortunately passed away in 1988.

Trivia: The couple who play the Coopers are married in real life. Also their daughter is really the daughter of "Mr. Cooper."

Trivia: The film was originally called "Night of Anubis", in a nod to the Egyptian god of embalming and mummification. It was eventually decided that this title was too pretentious and vague.

Trivia: Star Duane Jones was notoriously mysterious and evasive when discussing his work on the film, as he was a very private man and wanted to keep his work and personal lives separate. Once he was having drinks with several acting students studying under him, when he realised a television nearby was broadcasting the movie, and he managed to convince his students that he wasn't the same man on the TV. Nonetheless, on the rare occasion he did discuss the film, he spoke very positively about the experience.

Trivia: The "blood" you see in this film is actually Bosco Chocolate Syrup.

Trivia: Contrary to popular belief, Duane Jones was not cast in the film as Ben due to the fact he was African American, as Ben's race was never even addressed in the script. He merely gave the best audition and director George A. Romero cast him as a result.

Trivia: Despite writing and directing, George A. Romero made very little money from the film due to his lack of knowledge on distribution and fees in the world of film. Thankfully, he ended up making significantly more money on future films.

Continuity mistake: A scene is shown where the zombies smash the headlights of the truck that Ben arrived in. Later in the movie, when they attempt to refuel the truck, both headlights are fully intact and lit.

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Karen Cooper: I hurt.

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