Night of the Living Dead

Continuity mistake: When Barbara runs away from the zombie in the graveyard, she is barefoot. Then when she falls down, her shoes fall off. (00:07:20)


Continuity mistake: When Barbara first sees Ben pull up in the truck through the window he is driving a square shaped front end General Motors truck, but in all other shots in the film the truck is a rounded front end Chevrolet truck. (00:13:35)

Continuity mistake: The woman has blood from the corpse upstairs dripping on her right hand. In the very next shot her right hand has no signs of blood, and she's shown wiping non-existent blood from her left hand. (00:16:14)

Other mistake: When Ben smashes the face of the ghoul trying to walk through the kitchen door, he comes back in and locks the door. But, when he drags the body of the ghoul he killed in the house out that same door and lighting it on fire, he runs back in, slams a small table against it but never re locks it. So until he boards it up, that door is left unlocked. That little table wouldn't stop anyone. (00:18:45 - 00:20:00)


Other mistake: Ben drags the body of the ghoul he killed in the house out the kitchen door. As he drags it out you can see he leaves it on the porch and lights it on fire, which would certainly set the wooden porch on fire and probably the rest of the house. But, once the flames are huge, you will see that the body has moved down onto the grass. But Ben never pushes it down off the porch. (00:19:45)


Character mistake: After Ben tells his story about his first encounter with the ghouls, Barbara begins her story. She talks about the ghoul Johnny was joking about. She tells Ben that she wanted to apologize. She states, "I said good evening, and he grabbed me." If you go back to that original scene, you'll never hear her say "Good evening." (00:29:40)


Revealing mistake: As soon as Ben fires the first shot from the rifle you can plainly see it's a fake. Not so much from the look of it, but by the fact that there's no kick back whatsoever. The bullets you see him loading it with look big enough to give a pretty good blast. Even a .22 caliber would have more kick than what he's using. His rifle shoots like a BB gun. (00:45:35 - 01:28:30)


Other mistake: After the truck blows up, when Ben picks up the torch and starts to fight back to return to the house, several parked vehicles can be seen behind the ghouls. (01:12:40)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, Barbara finds a corpse at the top of the farmhouse stairs with its face partially eaten away. Later, when Ben drags the corpse into another room we get a fleeting glimpse of its face and it shows no sign of decay of any sort.

Continuity mistake: A scene is shown where the zombies smash the headlights of the truck that Ben arrived in. Later in the movie, when they attempt to refuel the truck, both headlights are fully intact and lit.

Continuity mistake: When Ben, Tom and Judy are trying to escape from the zombies in the truck, it is dark, but when the zombies are giving chase, dawn is breaking, and when the truck gets to the gas pump it is now dark once more. This is just one of a number of scenes in this film that change from darkness to daylight and vice-versa.


Factual error: In the 30th Anniversary version with new footage it is revealed that the first zombie we see (the one that kills Johnny) died in the electric chair. If that's the case, he should be bald with a large burn on his scalp, but he has a full head of hair. If he died in the electric chair then he shouldn't even have reanimated, as the method of electrocution kills by cooking the brain.

Continuity mistake: In the scene during which Mr. Cooper and Tom make their appearance, a large sweat stain mysteriously appears, disappears, and reappears on Tom’s shirt through the several shots that take place during a few minutes time.

Continuity mistake: Ben finds a shotgun and a pair of ladies' shoes in one of the cupboards, he puts the shoes onto Barbara's feet and then he leaves the room, as the next shot cuts in Barbara is sitting on the sofa in her stocking feet, and the shoes are nowhere to be seen.


Continuity mistake: While Ben is trying to escape with Tom and Judy, he is holding a table leg that is being used as a burning torch, just before he gets into the back of the truck, the torch is nearly going out, but when he gets into the back of the truck, the torch is burning brightly.


Continuity mistake: Again, from the opening graveyard segment. As the first zombie approaches Johnny and Barbara, his position and distance from them changes inconsistently with the actual passage of time. Although he is incredibly slow moving, he manages to move about 30 yards in 4 seconds. He is about 25-30 yards away in one shot, and 4 seconds later he is coming up to Barbara and grabs her.

Continuity mistake: When Ben throws a chair outside and lights it on fire to scare the zombies we see a view from behind the chair and the torch made out of a table leg Ben has is on it. Then we see Ben and he still has the torch in his hand and he throws it on the chair.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Ben fires the rifle through the window at one of the zombies for the first time. Just before he fires the first shot Tom is standing to the left of Ben. Just after he he fires the shot, Cooper has suddenly appeared and is standing to the right of Ben.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ben is dragging the body out of the house to be burned, he is seen on the porch lighting the zombie on fire. The shot changes to show two zombies coming towards him, but when the shot goes back to Ben he is now off the porch about 5 to 7 feet with the corpse blazing in front of him.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the guy shoots the zombie through the boarded up window, the first time he shoots it through the left side. It then gets back up. When he shoots it through the right side and it gets back up, there is no bullet hole on the right.

Newscaster: Reports, incredible as they may seem, are not the results of mass hysteria.
Harry Cooper: "Mass hysteria?" What do they think, we're imagining all this?
Ben: Shut up.

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Trivia: The scene where Barbara crashes the car into the tree wasn't scripted originally; an accident that put a large dent in the car before the scene was shot prompted George Romero to re-write the scene in such a way that the dent is justified.

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