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Dom and Brian hook up their cars to a safe filled with Reyes' money, dragging it through the streets and destroying several cars in the process. On a bridge, the safe crashes and Dom manages to launch his car through the air and it smashes into Reyes' car. Hobbs shoots Reyes(You figure out how he survived that) and gives Brian and Dom a 24 hour headstart on the condition that they leave the money behind. After they leave, Hobbs sees that the safe is empty.(During the chase, they switched the safe out for an empty one) Dom leaves a bag of money for Vince's wife and son. Brian and a newly pregnant Mia settle down at a beach somewhere. During the credits, Monica(From 2 Fast 2 Furious)gives Hobbs a file on a hijacking in Berlin. He opens the file and sees a picture of Lettie...


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Continuity mistake: Throughout the entire vault chase scene, the condition of Dom and Brian's car windows switch between being damaged and perfectly intact. (01:42:20)


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Question: Something I didn't quite understand: when Hobbs and his team learn of Reyes from getting the information of the owner of the car, Neves says that if there's anything illegal going on in Rio that Reyes is involved. Then later in the film when Dom goes to her place to get his necklace, they talk and she says "Reyes owns this favela now". It seemed as though she did not show her knowledge of Reyes to Hobbs and his team by her use of "If". So is that a character mistake or was she pretending?

Answer: You probably didn't understand that when she spoke to Hobbs, she meant that Reyes is behind everything illegal. Not a mistake.

Anastasios Anastasatos

And that he literally owns the Favela, which is separate from his illegal activities. Remember he talked about the Spaniards and the Portuguese and how they conquered Brazil. He owns the Favela by providing water and electricity and daycare to the people, making him necessary in their life and willing to do anything to keep those things.

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